BADEDS Pelican Kit.


Here’s the ultimate in protection for my ballistics provisioning gear. BADEDS Pelican. The BADEDS kit in the base form comes with a Targus sleeve that contains an aluminum combo document-store/clipboard. That’s great for containing the data pages. In a pinch I would sometimes toss my kestrel and iPod Touch and IR thermometer in there too but they’d rattle around and I worried about damaging the more expensive bits of gadgetry. Apart from that the metal container gets pretty hot in the sun and electronics don’t appreciate being hot, especially those that are meant to measure things like temperature.

A Pelican 1085 is just about perfect for holding an 8.5×11″ set of printed data as well as a few gadgets. It’s slender enough to slide inside a backpack and takes care of delicate instruments a hell of a lot better than a drag bag. It’s bad enough we leave rifle scopes in a drag bag but electronics are even more delicate and need to be cared for.


The whole idea of Ballistic_XLR is that we do use gadgets but we also need to be ready for when they break or batteries die. It doesn’t mean to avoid them. Nonetheless we need to take steps to keep them in functioning order. You never know how long and strained your supply lines might be.

In a Pelican case things are safe from water thanks to the rubber seal. They’re safe from being bashed around too thanks to fitted foam via their Pick-n-Pluck foam. There is also some substantial resistance to severe heat soak thanks to the insulating nature of the foam.


The case may not appear to have much in it but really there’s everything there that I need to be able to engage targets at any range. My Kestrel and my IR thermometer are the gadgets in there that are most necessary to nailing those first round bulls-eye hits.

I regularly use KAC BulletFlight Military Edition on my iPod Touch. It’s actually slower to use than Ballistic_XLR because it doesn’t make MVV changes for you and it’s a bit tedious to set up a load in it in the first place but if I’m not being picky about where on the target I want to hit then it’s sufficient. The problem is that if you leave it in the sun for a few minutes on a nice warm day then it eventually heat soaks and shuts itself down. That’s a catastrophic failure because the data is not available from it anymore. This is exactly why Ballistic_XLR was created.


Now when a gadget fails I’ve got a non-electronic way of getting my data. Ballistic_XLR is actually super fast to use too. I can address one element of adjustment at a time and run in a quick and precise scope adjustment or I can take more time and use the calc form with the data and nail the spot on the target I want to hit.

The Pelican case makes a decent writing platform and I don’t really need a proper clipboard thanks fitted foam cutout. What it all amounts to is a solid way to store, organize, transport, protect and use my extensive data provisioning supplies. All I need beyond that is a rifle and ammo.

Get your BADEDS kit today.


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