Family Pictures

Here’s the current stable of long range project rifles. They’ve been getting paint jobs and new barrels and general sprucings up.
Table top to bottom = picture left to right:

Rifle Chamber BBL Twist Optic Range
Savage 10FP-SR .308 Winchester 24″ 10 Bushnell E3200 10×40 900m
Savage 110 7mm Remington Magnum 28″ 9 Bushnell E3200 10×40 1750m
Winchester Model 70 7mm Remington Magnum 24″ 10 SWFA SS 16×42 1350m
Mossberg MVP Varmint .223 Remington 24″ 9 Bushnell E3200 10×40 750m

 photo 0E5B3E11-C182-459F-96BC-08328B963F84_zpscsbnckaz.jpg

Gabriel and Rolling Stone have been upgraded with LSS chassis from MDT. Rolling Stone now wears a SWFA 16x42mm. Gabriel is getting one of my new U.S. Optics ST-10’s.

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