Barrett M468 Muzzle Brake


This compact little brake is well made. The first baffle is oversized if you ask me but it does make for a large expansion chamber with 2 exits per side and no top venting. The exit is tight. It mic’d out at .304 on one and .306 on the other. I had to drill one out to .340 so I could pass .308 cal bullets through it. The other I left at .304 which is about perfect for passing 7mm/.284″ bullets through. The brake effectiveness is pretty darned good. It’s not a Dean Maisey Tresamax but it’s good. The threads are well cut, the snug exit is great, the material is strong and abrasion resistant (boring one out to .343 took a while) and concentricity is there. The brake is exceptionally light and small and would make a great addition to light to moderate recoiling rifles (up to 7mm Rem mag. Above that you should get more brake).

The price is probably the best part of this brake. At $25 it’s about 1/3-1/4 the price of anything comparably as well executed.

I stuck this brake on a 7mm Remington Magnum (project Mjolnir) and a .308 Winchester (project Gabriel). .308’s have beaten me up my whole life. I think they’re kind of a bully when it comes down to it. So much recoil for such pedestrian performance. Adding the M468 brake pulled that recoil down to almost .223 Remington levels. The gun doesn’t jump around at all now and watching bullets hit has become standard fare. My .308 is a Savage 10FPSR that sits in a MDT LSS stock with a USO ST-10 on it. It’s about a 10 pound rifle but that’s not been enough to mitigate recoil without the brake. The brake came with a .304″ opening. By opening it to .340 I gave the needed clearance for the bullet without going so big as to nullify the brake effectiveness. I would have left it at .330 but the grinder got ahead of me and I burned an extra .010″ out of it.

The 7mm Magnum I didn’t have to futz with the brake at all. It had .020 clearance to the bullet out of the box. I have an un-braked 7mag that weighs 22lbs and a braked (with M468 brake) 7mag that weighs in at 15lbs. They’re in the same kind of stock and shoot the same calibre. With the Barret brake on the light one recoil was almost nothing. 7mag is not a light recoiling thing especially with heavy bullets in play. My heavy 7mag (Project Maginot Line) bucks around like a scolded mule despite its substantial weight. The light 7mag (project Mjolnir) has very little recoil now with the Barret brake. Muzzle blast is impressive as you might expect but only for those on the sides. If you’re behind the rifle it’s not so bad.

For 25 bucks you can pick up a really effective brake that’s small and light as hell. If you’re shooting 6.5-7mm projectiles you should be able to just stab it onto the rifle and be done. With 7.5mm and larger projectiles you’ll need to buzz out the exit but that’s about it. I’d say that on my 7mag this brake is easily as effective as about any other more expensive design. Chalk that up to it fitting.

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