BSA 6-18×40 Sweet .223


There are not any things about this scope that I liked. The 1″ tube and 6-18x magnification aren’t a good pair in the first place. High magnification, variable magnification and small tube diameter makes for an iffy optic. This one suffered dramatically at the high mag settings. The image was not consistently focused anywhere, vignetting was an issue, the high end of the mag range was optically very very poor. Reaching so far forward (it’s a pretty long scope) to twist the objective bell mounted parallax adjustment is hard enough but the issue is made worse by the fact that the parallax tube is exquisitely hard to turn. The turrets are the single vaguest of any I’ve ever used. You couldn’t hear the clicks with a stethoscope (no joke) and you couldn’t feel them AT ALL. The turrets are secured via 3 set screws with sharp points that penetrate the side of the turret cap and pinch and deform a brass post. That is fine unless you have to adjust them a little bit or just a 2nd time. When you try you may find you’re screwed because you already cratered the brass post and it’ll never sit just perfect again. The BDC turrets are 100% wrong but I think that has more to do with the useless nature of trying to adjust them more than with the number of (hypothetical) clicks that each adjustment SHOULD have equated to. Contributing to the turret problem, if you don’t attach the knobs extra firmly then you’ll end up with the turret cap spinning on the brass post (this of course means the post is cratered). If you do actually try a test like shooting the box or just try dialing in some amount of dope you’ll find that the amount you twist the knobs has nothing to do with how the POI changes. I found it to be actually kind of random, even the direction of the adjustment didn’t always jibe with the way I’d spun the knobs. None of this was surprising given a 50 dollar scope that was trying to cram in way too many features to usefully execute on any of them. The best thing about the scope was getting rid of it. I wouldn’t put it on even a .22lr. What a hunk of junk.

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