Burris Signature Series Rings


Just like conventional Weaver mount or Redfield mount rings these connect up to your normal scope mounting base. They go together just like any normal ring. That’s where things take a turn for the better. Burris Signature Series are available with concentric and eccentric polymer inserts that allow you to dial in some cant into the scope mounting hardware. If you’re shooting long range then you need more “up” left in the scope than the average hunter these are a way to accomplish that.

The hard bit for me is that for some rifles out there like my Mossberg MVP there isn’t a 20MOA canted scope base available. So I had to find another solution. Burris’ Signature Series rings use polymer inserts which go a long way toward eliminating the possibility of crushing a scope tube or marring the scope finish. Those polymer inserts also sit inside the ring like a heim joint and allow the scope to pivot so that both rings can line up without pinching the scope tube. Brilliant use of existing invention to solve a simple problem. The polymer inserts have one last benefit, they can be eccentric. That is the scope can be moved around inside the ring to move it left or right or up or down. That functionally changes where the scope is pointing and dials that adjustment in in the hardware. With 1″ rings they have 0,5,10,20 MOA inserts available. With 30mm rings you only get the 10moa inserts. With the 10’s set up in opposing orientation (read Burris’ directions) you can have 20MOA in the rings or 10MOA in the rings or 0moa in the rings.

Dialing adjustment into the rings means you don’t have to use a canted base to get your 20MOA base adjustment. It does not mean that you don’t have to use a scope base at all. You still need something for the rings to attach to. If you have a Ruger rifle with the wonderfully proprietary Ruger integral scope mount and ring system you’re still hosed but they’ve got just about every other type of Signature Series rings.

Burris Signature rings run about 35-45 bucks for the 1″ rings and they come with 0MOA inserts. Insert sets with all the offsets are about 15 bucks for the 1″ rings. 30mm rings are closer to 70 bucks but come with the 10MOA and 0MOA inserts. They don’t seem to make 34mm rings in this style yet and I doubt they will. 34, 35, 40mm scope tubes should provide substantial adjustment internal to the scope.

I only use Burris Signature Series rings. They’re solid and tough. In the 30mm size they are 4-hole. In the 1″ size they’re 2-hole but that’s never been an issue for me on my tactical rifles or on my hunting guns. Do yourself a favor, drop out of the race for trendy fancy labels that come with unnecessary 200 dollar price tags. We can all spend money fast. The question is, can we spend it smart. If you’re a warrior in combat perhaps the Badger or Ferrel rings are the right thing. For civilian use, I don’t think so. For Prepper use, well you make up your mind based on your prep scheme. Do you want to be able to buy that extra water filter and gas mask or do you want to have 6-hole scope rings and the admiration of 5 anonymous dilettante mall ninjas on the internet.

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