Bushnell Elite 3200 10×40 Mil/Mil


This scope is available legitimately exclusively through MidwayUSA.com. It’s cheaper than the ET1040 by about 60 bucks ($189 on sale right now) and its reticle and turrets use the same units of measure. It is otherwise exactly the same scope as the ET1040. If you were to get one of the two, I’d get this one.

NOTE: Turret adjustments were not perfect. On all but 2 of the ET1040’s and ET 3200 10×40’s I’ve owned there were tiny sections of the elevation range that were inconsistent and could stack tolerances enough to miss an adjustment by up to several tenths of a mil. Always adjusting from top or bottom doesn’t help either. Zero checking becomes necessary after transport for this reason.

Save another hundred bucks and get the SWFA SS 10x or 12x or 16x. I wouldn’t probably do the 20x for most things.

The pic below was taken in the middle of a very bright day looking at the 500m line. Notice the lacking detail of ground texture, blurring target edges and a little fuzz in the display of bullet impact marks. This image was taken in the middle of the day and not at the end of the day like the others which actually has a pretty dramatic effect on image quality.

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