Bushnell ET1040 Mil/MOA


Solid 10x scope. 10x magnification, focus is easy and clear even to within 30 yards. Fixed parallax probably isn’t the best idea to have on a tactical scope but it doesn’t hurt much if you keep a consistent cheek weld. Turret adjustments are largely repeatable and while they lack a little in the clickity clak sound department there’s no missing when you put a click in. The tactile response is solid and feels like it should, not hard but definite. The MOA turrets and MRAD reticle are a strange combination that I think comes from a misunderstanding, “Not everyone knows MRAD.” Which is true but irrelevant. Those that don’t know MRAD can learn it pretty easily and those of us that do know about it find the MOA clicks to be a ridiculous hassle. The reticle is clear and contrasts well.Mil-Dots are meant for quick ranging and quick adjustment determination. Clicks in the Bushnell are positive and quiet. These cost about $225-$250 retail and are a decent value. I have shot thousands of rounds at extended range with them. From 500 yards onwards the non-adjustable parallax becomes a serious impediment especially with heat and wind in play and they shouldn’t be used too far beyond that in my opinion.

NOTE: Turret adjustments were not perfect. On all but 2 of the ET1040’s and ET 3200 10×40’s I’ve owned there were tiny sections of the elevation range that were inconsistent and could stack tolerances enough to miss an adjustment by up to several tenths of a mil. Always adjusting from top or bottom doesn’t help either. Zero checking becomes necessary after transport for this reason.

You’d do better to get the Elite 3200 10×40 mil/mil scope shown below. It’s almost identical but has matching turret and reticule units of measure.

The pic below was taken in the middle of a very bright day looking at the 500m line. Notice the lacking detail of ground texture, blurring target edges and a little fuzz in the display of bullet impact marks. This image was taken in the middle of the day and not at the end of the day like the others which actually has a pretty dramatic effect on image quality.


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