Magpul MOE Beavertail AR-15 Pistol Grip (FDE)


An overall very solid design and execution as we’d expect from Magpul. The FDE matched my cerakote FDE very nicely though not perfectly. The beaver tail was not going to work for my purposes but I did need to start with one so I’d have enough meat in the grip to contour it for better feel on my LSS chassis equipped Savage 10FP-SR. Much like the DPMS PSG-1 grip there is a little gap that needs epoxy filled and contoured after the beaver tail gets chopped off. If you plan to use the beavertail note that it is not the least bit flexible and is meant for receivers that are meant to use BT pistol grips. Not all are.

The storage compartment in the grip is nice, enough to hold tools, batteries or a fishing kit or maybe 3 rounds of 7.62 NATO ammo. The compartment opens from the opposite side you might think it does and it is a lot more difficult to open when new than you might think. It does break in and get a little easier but I can easily see someone needing a tool to open it. There are no obstructions inside the grip that might make it a bitch to install.

The grip fit was exceptionally tight. Initially I didn’t think it was going to fit but it did. Pricing is 25-35 bucks and it seems worth it. I was going to opt for another PSG-1 type grip but I wanted the storage space for this rifle and I like the feel of an MOE grip. I don’t know if these are really combat worthy. I supposed given what a USGI pistol grip is and how they fit that the MOE is probably sufficient.

I don’t see any design flaws to speak of. The price is right and performance is what you’d expect. I’m still not convinced it’s a battle ready part but I’ll probably never get to test that out so we leave that at a suspicion.

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