RCBS Hand Priming Tool


I’ve used the Lee hand priming tool and the RCBS tool. I’m not sure which I like better. It’s harder to jam the Lee but the RCBS is less rattly and ever so slightly more comfortable to use. The rounded and plump handle of the RCBS unit I think is the trick here. If you’ve been press priming you know about how much you have to develop a feel for the priming stroke. These hand priming tools don’t have that problem and they’re way faster. If you think your hand will tire too quickly, you’re probably wrong. Zooming through 200-300 cases or more in a sitting isn’t a big deal with hand primers like the RCBS or the Lee.

The RCBS does have one significant loss to the Lee tool: The little metal guide strip on the RCBS makes changing over from small to large primers (or large to small) a little more complicated than it needed to be. It’s just a little thing and it’s not a big deal.

At this point I’ll probably buy another RCBS unit when this one wears out or more likely gets lost. It’s not that much better than the Lee unit but I’ve moved to RCBS tools in other spots so it’s about consistency for me. I still use Lee loading tools and love them. RCBS is just a little more comfy. A little more solid. A little more…

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