Vortex Crossfire 10×42 Binocular


These are simple and solid feeling. The optics are very clear and the various adjustments are firm and smooth. You can feel the quality in them. The only complaints I could raise are that the labels and decals are stuck on with a glue that I’m assuming comes from whatever Asian country is currently gearing up to do to China what China did Korea and what Korea did to Japan. Whatever country the glue comes from it’s clear that glue technology that country isn’t to the point that things can be held together with it. I’ve given these about 4 years of severely rough use and they still do the trick and show lot of signs of wear but they’re still good enough to depend on. These are well worth the $150-$200 dollar entry fee, or more. Budget mindedness doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. It just means you have to pick the parts that need high quality and make sure they’re all included in your decision. Do yourself a favor though. Chop off the lens covers. They’re attached in just such a way that makes them in the way basically always. I did.

UPDATE: Since this writing I managed to damage the binos and buggered up some key bits. It was my fault and nobody makes binoculars that would have taken that hit. I was happy enough with these though that I may just pop for another set just like them. I may also find myself a whole new brand to check out. We’ll see. Anymore I rarely use binoculars except for looking at the moon and that’s just because looking at it through a 5″ newtoninan telescope is a little hard on the eyes without a proper lunar filter which my best friend staunchly refuses to return to me.

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