TiborasaurusRex: Could He Be The Huygens Of Our Time

I know, that’s a bold question but, one must acknowledge that there are few people in the world capable of acquitting themselves so thoroughly and so completely in so many areas of science, philosophy, religion, mathematics and a ton of other areas of intellectual and spiritual thought. Fewer yet who maintain the humility and singularity of purpose without becoming single minded. How can one man be so open minded as to accept that which is nearly antithetical to his beliefs while holding on to himself? How can a man be so generous of body and spirit that he might dedicate his very life to the service of his country and then after he’s paid that bill in full go on to submit a compendium of experience gained knowledge of the physical world to the masses for no other apparent purpose than to add to the sum of human knowledge?

Rex; as his people call him, is a leader in spirit and thought. This is a profound dichotomy because he maintains an unshakable belief in the Abrahamic God; itself an expression of belief beyond the observable or demonstrable. Yet his visible life is an expression of the practical and unbiased application of reason. This ability to hold matters of faith and matters of reality in the same universe; in the same mind, is one of those things that makes those of us who have trouble with such things ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions.

I raise a glass to Rex. I wish him in this trying time of life the rewards of an infinitely disinterested and amazingly well balanced universe. To the victor go the spoils. Rex has been a victor in the pursuit of an amazingly productive and valuable life and I personally wish him comfort and reward for all he’s done.

If there were more people going out in the world and experiencing and documenting it and fewer (by far) sitting behind their preconceived notions of what the world should be like, the world would be a dramatically better place.

Thanks Rex. We owe you one.

If you don’t know who TiborasaurusRex is, go to Youtube.com and search. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

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