A Win is A Win


The match at Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club on 4/11 was pretty good. My spotter brought his sons who are amazing shots for being so young. They added a more balanced family vibe to what has been a mostly old -guys event. The match only ran two relays though we could have done three if a couple more people wanted to run hunter gun and standard gun but no luck and no point in having a whole additional relay if there’s not enough folks shooting. It just makes the match take longer.

It was a nice temperate Saturday morning with almost no wind. I started on pigs and ran a 3-2-3 which is a very auspicious beginning for a B-class shooter and makes them fret instantly about ending up in A-class that day. Still I soldiered on and put up a 38% hit:shot ratio for the day. My last match (last weekend) was with high power standard gun and I pulled 35% hits in that match. I’ve been able to consistently add 2-5% to my hits each time I do a match. I don’t know how long that will hold out but it’s nice to see progress happening. It’s also an example of how keeping close eye on my statistics helps me tune my training and enhance my performance consistently.

Shooting rimfire is at almost as challenging as high power but I think high power is still harder thanks to the huge distances involved. 200m only high power isn’t quite as hard as 200-500m but they’re both tough. Rimfire is about real precision and getting the fundamentals right. Recoil isn’t there so you’re not as inclined to really tuck in on the rifle and so it’s easier to get loosey goosey with your stance and hold. That ruins follow-through.

Within rimfire Silhouette I think the chickens are actually the easiest target. It’s not about their size which is tiny and extremely unforgiving of inability to hold small. It’s that despite having a hit zone the size of a postage stamp they’re still super close and so there’s almost no drop and wind is basically a non-issue. Once the reticle is on the white you dump the payload. The bullet cuts out and almost the moment you’ve touched off the shot the bullet is slapping steel. It’s sort of the same benefit as ultra fast lock time but it’s better because even with the small angular size, the distance just isn’t enough for some of the little things that matter further out to be so important. This is not to say that the chickens are easy. It’s that they’re easy compared to the chickens at a high power course. (On a high power course the pigs are the easy ones)

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