Crosshair Precision Mossberg MVP Extractor Upgrade Extractors

Owners of Mossberg MVP rifles might have noticed that Mossberg isn’t into selling parts to individuals and as far as I can tell they won’t sell to gunsmiths either. If you break a part right now you’re mostly relegated to sending the rifle back to Mossberg and having them repair under warranty. That sucks a lot and denies that many shooters are easily capable of installing most replacement parts.

MVP rifles in .223 have been popping extractors like pop-tarts especially with protracted use of steel cased ammo and barring sending the rifle back to Mossy the only other option has been to put the rifle back in the safe until Mossberg pulls their heads out of their butts and gets the spare parts machine working. Well, those days are OVER.

Thanks to Crosshair Precision we now have spares available and they’re not just a replacement, they’re an upgrade. I’ve personally tested these under very abusive conditions and they’ve taken a serious beating without fail. Check out for details. If you’re not a member sign up and send Bob a private message. He’ll get you squared away. Price is set at $20. I suggest buying 2 sets of spares. You know you’ll drop one in the dirt someday. Might as well have a spare spare.

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