Project Maginot Line Hits The Block

Project Maginot Line is going to be sold to fund a new project. It’s a Savage 110 long action with a magnum bolt face. Barrel is a 28″ Shilen match untapered with a dished crown. Trigger is factory savage and still hunter weight. Recoil lug is PTG. Stock is a Choate ultimate varmint. Rings and mount are available. 30mm Burris signature series rings and a EGW 20MOA base. The whole rifle can be yours for $700obo. I will part it out if it comes to that.  The scope is not for sale. Bipod not included.

The rifle is built to launch 180gr Berger Hybrid VLD’s to 1800m. It performs brilliantly with Hornady A-max and SST bullets, Berger Hybrids and VLD’s. Total weight is about 22lbs with a scope on it. The barrel has just under 200 rounds through it. The action had just a few rounds on it before the barrel was swapped.

email if interested. All sales through legal channels.


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