Fathers Day Match: Gonzales, CA Highpower Metallic Silhouette

It ended up being a completely boned day for me. I showed up with 2 sets of loads. I was using my Savage 10FPSR in .308 Winchester as I’m currently out of 7mm projectiles that I use in my 7mm BR race gun. So instead of shooting Homunculus I was using Gabriel, at least to start with. I started by getting my chicken DOPE with some 110 grain RNSP at 3150fps. They were zinging downrange and if I hadn’t made a critical error during resizing of the brass they’d have all worked. I forgot to full length resize on about 10 random cases and so when I went to chamber them, they wouldn’t chamber. They’d been shot from another gun with a loose chamber and my super tight one wouldn’t accept them. Worse, it held on with the grip of a man about to fall and we ended up having to get out the brass hammer and Dewey rod a few times before I decided to not use those. Deciding to not use them meant I had 10 rounds to get my DOPE for all 4 animals with my other load, 165gn Hornady SST’s at 2680fps. By the time I had the turkeys dialed in I was down to 35 rounds and couldn’t complete the match with the ammo I had. So my coach offered up his green gun in 6.5mm BR. The problem is I hadn’t practiced with it and his trigger is amazing and his stock doesn’t fit me well because I’m 4 inches taller than him. I didn’t turn in a great score but I took 2nd place in my class which was pretty good considering how many competitors were out that day (more than a dozen in my class alone).

It was a fun match anyway and despite the equipment issues my coach and I both did pretty well. My coach tied for first in his class and then lost it on the 4th round of a sudden death shoot-off. Talk about pressure.

Here’s the pictures and videos, unedited for now, and in the order they were taken. We’re working on some slow-motion videos that we took and on all the target footage still for an event video but that’s a lot of work and I’m low on time right now.










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