Begging the Question With “Why Hunt” and Politically Correct Dishonesty

You know I tire of the continually degenerating intellectual capacity of the world and I blame the internet I helped build for doing it. There’s a trend lately to ask questions to which you’re seeking a particular answer, not just an answer. This is so dishonest it surprises me that it’s not called out more often. The reason it’s not called out more often might have to do with the fact that people interacting on the internet do not have anonymity to hide behind and thus aren’t honest about how they do it. There’s the second fact that people tend only to say things on the internet in such a way and from such a position that they’re unlikely to get any flak for it from any of the continually expanding number of anti-this and pro-that politically correct (if there was ever a less meaningful and internally false term I don’t know it) zealots.

I came across this gem this morning over at The Truth About Knives and couldn’t help but be piqued by it. Not only was it a disingenuous damned near outright dishonest post, it was also an equivocating self-rationalizing internally logically inconsistent pile of loopy, loony non-thought. I’ve been long known to have an inability to leave treasure like that laying around un-responded-to. Partly because I like to troll a bit and admit it openly and partly because I think it’s actually my duty to help the sort of person that engages in this kind of stupidity to un-fuck their thinking both for the good of the species in perpetuity and more importantly for the sake of the sanity of my grandparents grandsond and my grandchildren’s grandfather.

David says:
September 11, 2015 at 9:02 am

Serious question. I am not trolling or at least not trying to.

Why hunt?

I am not addressing pest control, eliminating invasive species, subsistence hunting, or killing predators for defense/safety. There are legit reasons to kill an animal. I am not some pinko-hippie liberal. Killing another living being for fun, or just cuz its there, seems sadistic in the truest sense of the word.

I am not anti-hunter and many of the pro-hunter arguments are legit. I do eat meat although I have reduced my consumption of it for various reasons. I know some great people who hunt. I am also aware that animals eat other animals and that nature is many things including vicious.

I would not vandalize or try to stop hunters. I think what these people did is dangerous and illegal. The idea of killing for fun is repugnant. I would rather walk around the woods and take a picture of what I was tracking.

You’re not asking questions here, you’re trolling. The hell of it is you seem to legitimately and honestly think that you’re not doing that by prefacing your argument (a term used loosely) with the disingenuous proclamation that you’re not trolling. You know exactly what you’re doing. You’re trying to place your value system upon another and then you’re asking them to justify themselves before you based on that superimposed idea of right and wrong.

Why hunt? The question itself is fallacious. You’re begging the question with the implication that there needs to be a reason. There may or there may not be. It might just be instinct or it might be for the sheer unadulterated hell of it.

Your first sizable paragraph is either a pointless exercise in false dichotomy or just plain standing up of a straw man. Your definitions of what constitute legitimate reasons don’t apply to anyone else. Your assertion that killing something for fun is sadistic is flatly false. Sadists take their pleasure in knowing that the subject of their energies feel it for as long and as intensely as possible. If you’re going to spend time diagnosing peoples mental disorders, at least you should learn about them. Your litany of justifiable, to you, reasons for killing critters is irrelevant. You can’t possibly understand the driving factors in the mind of someone who finds prairie dog eradication to be a real hoot. Even if they were to explain it to you you still wouldn’t get it. You’d just have had someone tell you THEIR reasons. Reasons are not justifications.

Your statement that nature is vicious is all that matters and you could have saved us both a lot of typing if you’d just stopped there. We’re part of nature and you seem to have forgotten that. We are an evolved species. We evolved into a particular environment and the various progenitor species that gave rise to ours throughout our evolution changed their environments whenever possible to milk it for what they wanted from it with no concern of the ramifications. We as modern humans do the same if more dramatically and effectively. We also have at least acknowledged our impact on the globe and have begun to take some small corrective actions to address the most egregious of them. Nonetheless we are still part of nature and specifically a part of nature that instinctively decides when we’re cold and hungry and happen see a critter pass by that’s unlikely to hurt us for chasing it around and that it’s made of meat and to top it all off it has a nice warm coat that we’ll have the meat and the coat off him. Best of all we try to have a good time about it because why the hell would you try to have a bad time doing so given the option.

If killing for fun is repugnant to you then that’s on you. Perhaps you can take some self righteous self satisfaction in your own rightness before yourself. Perhaps though, you could understand that you’ve got it completely bloody backwards again. It’s not usually killing for fun, it is frequently killing during fun, an important difference. If we could eat the animal and hang the horns on the wall after taking it’s picture and do away with all the blood and guts and the packing out of heavy carcasses through rough country don’t you think the camera would have been invented many hundreds of years earlier than it was.

There is in fact huge entertainment to be had from sitting in a farmers field or prairie and blowing rodentia to smithereens at considerable range with a scoped high velocity small calibre rifle, like an AR-15. Just because you haven’t had that particular fun and don’t think it would be much fun for you, doesn’t give you leave to go shoving your broken notion that it’s somehow wrong on anyone else. Nor does it create a situation in which you should expect them to give 2 squirts of cold piss about how you feel about it. If you feel really strongly then actually do something about it. Get involved or hush so to speak. Otherwise you’re really just tilting at internet windmills.

I could have responded only with the next bit but the previous bits needed to be said. I’m hopeful that the foregoing will assist you in organizing your thinking. Because it’s looking pretty sloppy at the moment.

Without further ado: Nobody needs to justify anything to you. You need to understand the world you live in and accept that there are bits about it which you do not think you’ll like but which you have not tried and which you feel so strongly that you won’t like it if you try it that you are very sure not to create a situation where you might try it. Possibly just in case. Reasons are not justifications.

Finally, if the preceeding is taken as an attack or whatever that’s as may be. I don’t care. It’s exactly David’s sort of ham-headed sloppy thinking that’s made critical and rational debate of contentious issues into the wildly rare and dangerous thing that it is.

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