Who’s Lives Actually Matter

A week ago (yeah, I’m a bit late) the Black Lives Matter gang at Dartmouth decided to get all protesty on campus and ran around shouting racist nonsense and being generally criminal and violent. Big shock there. We’ve come to expect the BLM movement to act like a racist criminal gang rather than a focused social movement. We’ve come to expect it because really they’re no different than the Ku Klux Klan in the way they act. Violent and unwilling to engage in any useful discourse which might find solutions to their perceived ills or at least identify that, yes they do perceive problems and no, none of us have been able to find a solution for butthurt so they might just get the hell over it.

The whole thing started over (apparently) a BLM shirt display being vandalized. Ok jerk move there, vandalism is never ok. Still it’s usually predictable. The BLM movement is inherently racist. If you don’t think so then ask yourself what you’d do if whites started a #WhiteLivesMatter movement to protest the nearly 50 unarmed whites that have been killed by cops this year (according to the BLM stats which I’m going to just call bullshit on right now). Would you not expect a KKK shirt display on a university campus to be vandalized? Of fucking course. At least the Klan knows to keep their displays out of public atrium of a private university.

Universities are the locus of politically correct intolerance, strident advocacy of narrow concerns and emotional immaturity. The utterly idiotic and self contradictory nature of some terms in the previous sentence and the ideas that make the whole next couple sentences true might strike you like it did me while writing them. The social justice warriors that infest universities fight vigorously against organizations, people and ideas that don’t comport exactly with the SJW’s, often violently and always uncivilly. You can’t possibly agree properly with all of the idiotic and frequently self contradictory ideas of SJW’s so you’re bound to run afoul of them no matter what you do. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Ok, we know they’re incapable of actual tolerance, that’s fine. We’ll accept that, much like ISIS they are defining now what is tolerance and it’s not defined by the actual meaning of the word. Ok, fine. So why then were they so surprised and pissed about the shirt display being vandalized and then removed? BLM as a movement denies the fact that blacks have it better now than ever and that it only keeps getting better for them with more handouts and societal tolerance that now spans the gamut from simply ignoring their systematic destruction of the English language and music to downright deification of the least respectable and most criminal among them. Being blind to the realities of the situation they’re capable of reacting with superhuman cognitive dissonance and vigor to the most banal of mundane agora.

Originally Posted by CampusReform.org:
The display shows 74 shirts representing the 74 unarmed individuals who lost their lives to police brutality this year. Twenty-eight of these shirts were black, representing the 28 unarmed black individuals killed by police brutality in 2015.

As we all know, shooting an unarmed person is always questionable but not always unjustified. If you make me think you have a weapon or just the ability and intent to do me great bodily harm and you won’t back down then I’m under no obligation to not kill your stupid ass nor am I under an obligation to determine your current weapons status and intent before taking decisive action to stop you from carrying out your intended malicious action. Nobody unarmed gets killed by a cop simply for being unarmed. You might get killed by a cop for simply being armed but the other way around is beyond unlikely and in the realm of ridiculousness. You have to do something else other than not be armed and just having a killer tan you can’t get rid of doesn’t get it. Yes, there have been and always will be some really bad shoots every year and those are always dealt with though not always to the satisfaction of the public. Nonetheless I think the BLM movement might want to consider that there’s a reason blacks are a disproportionately large component of the kill count, and of the prison population of the USA. They have sown a culture of tribal criminality, violence and willful ignorance and reaped a bumper crop. What the hell did they think was going to happen?

If BLM wants blacks to stop being disproportionately imprisoned, shot, beaten, suspected, distrusted and stereotyped then they should stop disproportionately commiting crimes (or otherwise properly asking for it) and start disproportionately pushing their kids to be honorable, educated, driven and successful. If they did that they could just as well rise above whites on the economic ladder much in the way that Asians do. Why do I bring up Asians? You don’t think that broke ass China was able to flood the USA with tens of thousands of brilliant engineers, doctors and scientists because they ignored their kids running around Beijing in criminal gangs do you? No, the parents in China pushed their kids, frequently to the breaking point, to get educated and to be honorable and hard working, to move to the USA and get a career and to succeed at all personal cost. In so doing they’ve become an unnoticed economic power in the USA and other than interesting jokes about driving and diet they’re treated no differently than whites. In fact, most whites I know seem to trust Asians more than they do whites. If blacks want equality they have to earn it and not just stand around bitching, stealing, dealing drugs and hurting people. The parents in black households need to control their damned kids and push them to success the way Asian parents do. If black kids die because of stress induced suicide instead of drug induced homicide it’s somehow a little more honorable. It’s black America’s unwillingness to do what needs to be done to raise their kids in a competitive world that allows negative perceptions of black culture to persist. They’re allowing; almost encouraging, negative aspects of black culture to persist and dominate. There are good and bad things in every culture and it’s not racist to point out those things that are unhealthy for society. Tolerance isn’t giving a thumbs up. Tolerance is giving a middle finger up and taking it no further.

Earnings by Race 1967-2012

Black lives matter exactly as much as white lives and brown lives and yellow lives: Not a damned bit. What matters is what you do with your life, not the fact that you have/had one.

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