Enter the Dragon: US Optics ER-25 5-25x58mm

US Optics ER-25 5-25x58mm

US Optics ER-25 5-25x58mm

I’ve tossed down the large pallet load of money it takes to add one of these fine optics to the stable. It’ll be a number of weeks before it’s delivered but it’s definitely coming. The ER-25 is the most powerful and most costly of the USO line at this time. If you need to shoot a mile or you’re doing F-Class or shooting at distance for groups you’d be on an impossible mission to find anything much better. There are few things even remotely as good.

The specs for mine are:
MPR Reticle, black anodized, red illumination, #3 windage knob, EREK elevation knob, no bubble level.

It’s going on one of my 7mag’s for the time being but may do service on other rifles if the need arises for a 2.5lbs 25x scope. Now, off to order rings. For rings I’ll be using Burris Signature Series XTR 34mm. They use the same polymer eccentric system as their 1″ and 30mm Signature Series Zee rings.

This is the kind of scope you only need to buy once in your lifetime because it’ll last that long. When you put real serious money into your kit it holds a lot of its value and provides the kind of performance you’re promised because that’s what you’re paying for. Instead of half-heartedly implemented features on the cheap, US Optics perfectly implements features and that costs but what you get for your money is so much better than cheap stuff. It’s worth the trouble to save up for years if you have to.

Stay tuned for pics, video and honeymoon slide show.

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