Timney 610-S Trigger For Mossberg MVP

I use my Mossberg MVP Varmint in long range precision rifle competition and have been bothered since day one by the factory trigger. The blade in the middle pretending to be a 2-stage is a problem with consistent feel and the factory adjust-ability is only from 3lbs-ish to hellish. If you want a 2lbs or even 1lbs trigger pull you’re boned. The factory bang switch is a decent trigger for most purposes but if you’re doing real work you need a trigger meant for more serious work. If a single stage trigger meets your mission criteria, the Timney offering is pretty fantastic.

Self-contained drop in trigger.
CNC Machined aluminum housing with Wire EDM cut & Heat treated steel trigger and sear.
Two position, trigger blocking side safety.
Fully adjustable Sear Engagement and pull weight from 1.5-4lbs.
Available in blue (black) and Nickel Plated.
Teflon nickel coated Sear to guarantee a lifetime of service.

Timney 610-S Fits Howa 1500 short action, Mossberg 100 ATR and Mossberg MVP short action.

Timney 610-S Fits Howa 1500 short action, Mossberg 100 ATR and Mossberg MVP short action.

Installation was mostly a snap. The screw provided didn’t want to thread into the receiver so I used the screw from the factory trigger which works just fine. When you install the trigger you should use some loctite on the threads and don’t forget to transfer the washer from the factory trigger to the Timney. In addition to the screw issue you’ll find that the factory trigger has a lake of oil under it. You’ll want to clean that off before attaching the Timney. In fact the Mossberg MVP comes with lakes of oil under everything that’s screwed onto the receiver… scope bases, trigger and all. Total time to install is just about 1 minute. It’s really exceptionally simple.

Pull weight adjustment is simple, allen head on the front of the trigger housing. Each revolution was about 1lbs of pull weight. Sear engagement is set at the factory to be pretty crisp. If you decide to adjust it do so really slowly and understand you’re probably adjusting the wrong thing. The sear engagement screw is at the rear of the trigger housing. The trigger has a good bit of overtravel but zero creep and no take-up.

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