BallisticPRS Launches on Cinco de Mayo

May 5th 2016 marks the official launch of BallisticPRS. BallisticPRS is my new Density Altitude based ballistics spreadsheet. Just like its sister product, BallisticXLR, it uses the Pejsa model in the back end to do the calculations. Unlike BallisticXLR it’s meant very much for experienced shooters, particular those doing PRS shooting, that want field expedient printed data and a super simple system to create them.

BallisticPRS is implemented using Microsoft Excel (only genuine Excel is supported) and is massively simple to use. It provides drop, wind, movers, horizontal and vertical coriolis and spin drift data in 10m or 10yrds increments for every 500ft of Density Altitude between -4,000ft and +11,000ft. Data for each DA zone is contained on a single 8.5×11 size page and each page comes with a handy angle cosine table, compass rosette with cosines, conversion formulae and a mil-dot reticle subtend chart (there are dozens of other reticles already stored for easy update from companies like S&B, USO, Khales, Vortex, SWFA, Leupold and more).

As always, the download is free and I provide free email based support.

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