Meccastreisand Teaches CitizenV To Shoot A Rifle

CitizenV is a longtime friend of mine but in all the time we’ve known each other this is the first time I’ve gotten her to the range. She grew up in the USSR and had never fired a rifle before this day and wanted to try her hand at long range precision shooting. I figured if TiborasaurusRex can take a brand new shooter and get them up to speed then I can do it too.

Here CitizenV is taking rifle shots from 200meters to 900 yards and she makes it a hit every fun loving time. We honestly weren’t expecting her to make the really long range hits but she did it anyway to make sure nobody doubts her ever again. The first shot in the video was the 1st shot she’d ever fired from a rifle. After that she took aim at the 300m, 385m and 500m targets and had ’em ringing shot after shot. There is one shot there that’s not on film. She mistook me saying to shoot at the pig near the number 3 and shot the number itself instead. That was a hit but not the hit we were wanting. The other footage is nearly uncut and only sacrifices some really tasteless jokes, cuss words and me wiping the sweat from my noggin dozens of times. It was 95 degrees in the shade that day. Didn’t bother CitizenV but it did bother me. My old bones don’t like the heat.

I gave CitizenV about 10 minutes of intensive verbal training before putting her behind a rifle and then actively coached her. By paying attention to and applying the fundamentals of marksmanship and ballistics she was able to reliably put bullets on steel. It’s true what they say, women make better students of rifle craft. Don’t worry guys, I’ll train you too.

If you want the kind of knowledgeable, high quality instruction that can have you hitting at long range your first time out from a team with a proven record of getting novice shooters up to speed quickly, check out the Sniper101 series by TiborasaurusRex (…) and then sign up for an RX17 long range seminar and a live fire course. for training

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