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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree – Molestation: Sandusky Stylee

I guess when you’re brought up by a baby raping shit-pile you may just end up messed up right out of the gate. Do we hold this crime against Jerry first and against Jeff second because little Jeffy raped little girls and his dad diddled little boys, likely including Jeff? Or do we take a phenomenological view and hold each’s actions against the actual actor without regard to the crimes of the other? Personally I see this is a family that’s malfunctioning at such a systemic level that it’s not really repairable. There’s nothing left for these shitwads on our planet.

Jeffery Sandusky, Son of Jerry Sandusky Is A Child Rapist Just Like Dad

12lbs of Rosie O’Donnell shit in a 5lbs bag, Jerry Sandusky.

The piece of human excrement pictured above went all gay sex on a bunch of little boys. He not only raped them but physically injured them. His son (pictured below) did it to little girls and we can only assume that human physiology being what it is that physical damage may have been mitigated. That doesn’t stop what he did being just as reprehensible but at least we can say about the little girls that it could have been worse. Yes, it’s poor succor at best but it’s something.

That’s a face you can trust. You can only trust it to rape your daughters but you can trust it to do something.

Perhaps Best Korea has the treatment that that needs applied here. 3 generations sequestered into the torture camps. Make sure their bloodline dies out and that it dies out in excruciating and unending agony. We don’t need their kind on our planet after all.

Well, that amounts to vengeance. It’s not justice. So while I’d love to advocate for the most brutal and horrific punishment to be meted out against the entire Sandusky clan at the hands of vigilance committees, I’ll pull back from that with the intellectual acknowledgement that this is precisely what we put government in place to deal with. I’d also note that the maybe 3 years he’ll do is not just woefully inadequate but a furtherance of the crime committed to those little girls.

Fuck the Sandusky clan. Nope… don’t fuck ’em. Burn Jerry and Jeffery at the stake. Or, leave them in prison for a while. I hear kid rapists are treated to a special fishing trip in prison and that other prisoners take a special interest in making sure they have just the right kind of day. Every day.


Are You Still Using A Factory Barrel

What’s the Farthest You’ve Made a Rifle Shot

What’s Your Long Range Calibre Choice

Win A Rifle at RX18 Sept.23-24 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Rex Reviews Project with generous sponsorship from Box to Bench Precision (makers of one of the most useful new targets to hit the market in years) will be giving away a new Savage 10FCP-SR rifle in 6.5 Creedmore at the RX18 Long Range Seminar later this month in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Tickets for the rifle contest are only $50 each. The rifle package is over a $1200 value.

The Savage 10FCP-SR comes fully equipped. It’s already been supplied with a SWFA 10×42 Super Sniper mil/mil scope and a Harris 6-9″ notch leg swiveling bipod and sighted in for zero and a box test and tall target test run against the optic. This is a ready to rock and roll setup! The rifle is currently being characterized with easily available retail match grade ammunition against a Box2Bench target. Once completed the resultant data is going to be sent to yours truly and used to generate a custom set of ballistic firing tables. I’ll then print out a full B-Feds kit that will be included in the package.

Want your chance at this rifle? Register to attend RX18 at (click on the training button) and when you arrive at the seminar, buy yourself a raffle ticket or two. Or ten. Or 20, or, you know, whatever.

We’re going to have an epic seminar this time. We’ve got Vortex Optics, US Optics, McMillan, Huber Concepts and more coming out with gear to fondle and information to absorb and maybe some really special surprises. Don’t forget about the ever-present special guests we don’t announce until the day of.

If you want to attend the upcoming California Live Fire course you must have attended an RX17 or RX18 event for automatic admittance (within course capacity limits).

Updated Versions of BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS

Hot off the presses we have new versions of both BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS.

A formatting error in Primary Functions was fixed in BallisticXLR to fix a glitch that worked its way into version 8.23. Version 8.25 fixed that.

An error in Horizontal Coriolis adjustment display was fixed. The back end was causing inches of adjustment to be displayed instead of an angular unit of measure. The fix for this was done in both BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS. All versions of both spreadsheets prior Version 8.25 for BallisticXLR and Version .1.9 for BallisticPRS have that error. Only BallisticPRS v.1.9 and BallisticXLR v8.25 have the relevant fixes applied. It is strongly encouraged to update.

The bug would have only really shown up beyond 1000yrds as before that distance h-cor is not typically something that needs adjusted for.

If you have my printed data tables and would like an update please email and we’ll get you taken care of. Reprints are $2 per affected page plus mailing cost. Hits A Home Run.

Long Range Hunting Article

This is some seriously cool shit. The hell with paper. How about plastic? Yep. A paper-like plastic that’s durable as all hell. You can tape it up with super gummy low quality masking tape or painters tape or hell any tape I’ve tried and pull it down without the tape tearing the target. If it gets wet it doesn’t care. Nothing changes.

I shot one particular copy of this new wunder target over the course of 3 days. Each day I folded it up and literally jammed it into my rifle bag with the rifle. It never tore. Bullets make holes alright but those holes don’t seem to grow.

What’s it got? It’s got:
Click Value Test (Tall Target Test)
Box Test (Scope Tracking Test)
Powder charge test (11 shooting points)
Bullet seating depth test (7 shooting points)
Primary Zero
Secondary Zero
Cold Muzzle Velocity
Normal Muzzle Velocity
Hot Muzzle Velocity
Final Group Size.

It’ works for IPHY scopes and MOA scopes and MIL/MRAD/1cm@100m scopes. Check it out below and hit their website and order some. They’re about 6 bucks a piece for singles but really do yourself a favor and get a 5pack or 10pack. You’ll use them. One pro-tip: Download the instructions.

All dirty and shot up after 3 days of testing.

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