Hits A Home Run.

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This is some seriously cool shit. The hell with paper. How about plastic? Yep. A paper-like plastic that’s durable as all hell. You can tape it up with super gummy low quality masking tape or painters tape or hell any tape I’ve tried and pull it down without the tape tearing the target. If it gets wet it doesn’t care. Nothing changes.

I shot one particular copy of this new wunder target over the course of 3 days. Each day I folded it up and literally jammed it into my rifle bag with the rifle. It never tore. Bullets make holes alright but those holes don’t seem to grow.

What’s it got? It’s got:
Click Value Test (Tall Target Test)
Box Test (Scope Tracking Test)
Powder charge test (11 shooting points)
Bullet seating depth test (7 shooting points)
Primary Zero
Secondary Zero
Cold Muzzle Velocity
Normal Muzzle Velocity
Hot Muzzle Velocity
Final Group Size.

It’ works for IPHY scopes and MOA scopes and MIL/MRAD/1cm@100m scopes. Check it out below and hit their website and order some. They’re about 6 bucks a piece for singles but really do yourself a favor and get a 5pack or 10pack. You’ll use them. One pro-tip: Download the instructions.

All dirty and shot up after 3 days of testing.

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  1. Richard Bryant says :

    I received my targets today.


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