Updated Versions of BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS

Hot off the presses we have new versions of both BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS.

A formatting error in Primary Functions was fixed in BallisticXLR to fix a glitch that worked its way into version 8.23. Version 8.25 fixed that.

An error in Horizontal Coriolis adjustment display was fixed. The back end was causing inches of adjustment to be displayed instead of an angular unit of measure. The fix for this was done in both BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS. All versions of both spreadsheets prior Version 8.25 for BallisticXLR and Version .1.9 for BallisticPRS have that error. Only BallisticPRS v.1.9 and BallisticXLR v8.25 have the relevant fixes applied. It is strongly encouraged to update.

The bug would have only really shown up beyond 1000yrds as before that distance h-cor is not typically something that needs adjusted for.

If you have my printed data tables and would like an update please email ballisticxlr@gmail.com and we’ll get you taken care of. Reprints are $2 per affected page plus mailing cost.

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