Win A Rifle at RX18 Sept.23-24 Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The Rex Reviews Project with generous sponsorship from Box to Bench Precision (makers of one of the most useful new targets to hit the market in years) will be giving away a new Savage 10FCP-SR rifle in 6.5 Creedmore at the RX18 Long Range Seminar later this month in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Tickets for the rifle contest are only $50 each. The rifle package is over a $1200 value.

The Savage 10FCP-SR comes fully equipped. It’s already been supplied with a SWFA 10×42 Super Sniper mil/mil scope and a Harris 6-9″ notch leg swiveling bipod and sighted in for zero and a box test and tall target test run against the optic. This is a ready to rock and roll setup! The rifle is currently being characterized with easily available retail match grade ammunition against a Box2Bench target. Once completed the resultant data is going to be sent to yours truly and used to generate a custom set of ballistic firing tables. I’ll then print out a full B-Feds kit that will be included in the package.

Want your chance at this rifle? Register to attend RX18 at (click on the training button) and when you arrive at the seminar, buy yourself a raffle ticket or two. Or ten. Or 20, or, you know, whatever.

We’re going to have an epic seminar this time. We’ve got Vortex Optics, US Optics, McMillan, Huber Concepts and more coming out with gear to fondle and information to absorb and maybe some really special surprises. Don’t forget about the ever-present special guests we don’t announce until the day of.

If you want to attend the upcoming California Live Fire course you must have attended an RX17 or RX18 event for automatic admittance (within course capacity limits).


2 responses to “Win A Rifle at RX18 Sept.23-24 Rancho Cucamonga, CA”

  1. Richard Bryant says :

    So are the RX17 alumni out of luck with regards to the drawing?


    • ballisticxlr says :

      Have to be present to win. It’s technically a contest and as such requires live participation. Come to a live fire event and keep watching the Rex Reviews channel and site. There will be more stuff like this.


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