The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree – Molestation: Sandusky Stylee

I guess when you’re brought up by a baby raping shit-pile you may just end up messed up right out of the gate. Do we hold this crime against Jerry first and against Jeff second because little Jeffy raped little girls and his dad diddled little boys, likely including Jeff? Or do we take a phenomenological view and hold each’s actions against the actual actor without regard to the crimes of the other? Personally I see this is a family that’s malfunctioning at such a systemic level that it’s not really repairable. There’s nothing left for these shitwads on our planet.

Jeffery Sandusky, Son of Jerry Sandusky Is A Child Rapist Just Like Dad

12lbs of Rosie O’Donnell shit in a 5lbs bag, Jerry Sandusky.

The piece of human excrement pictured above went all gay sex on a bunch of little boys. He not only raped them but physically injured them. His son (pictured below) did it to little girls and we can only assume that human physiology being what it is that physical damage may have been mitigated. That doesn’t stop what he did being just as reprehensible but at least we can say about the little girls that it could have been worse. Yes, it’s poor succor at best but it’s something.

That’s a face you can trust. You can only trust it to rape your daughters but you can trust it to do something.

Perhaps Best Korea has the treatment that that needs applied here. 3 generations sequestered into the torture camps. Make sure their bloodline dies out and that it dies out in excruciating and unending agony. We don’t need their kind on our planet after all.

Well, that amounts to vengeance. It’s not justice. So while I’d love to advocate for the most brutal and horrific punishment to be meted out against the entire Sandusky clan at the hands of vigilance committees, I’ll pull back from that with the intellectual acknowledgement that this is precisely what we put government in place to deal with. I’d also note that the maybe 3 years he’ll do is not just woefully inadequate but a furtherance of the crime committed to those little girls.

Fuck the Sandusky clan. Nope… don’t fuck ’em. Burn Jerry and Jeffery at the stake. Or, leave them in prison for a while. I hear kid rapists are treated to a special fishing trip in prison and that other prisoners take a special interest in making sure they have just the right kind of day. Every day.

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