BallisticXLR Version 8.27 and BallisticPRS Version 1.11 Released!

A bunch of big updates. There will be another minor update to BallisticPRS in a few days but it’s only going to be addition of more projectile BC’s in the Projectile Database tab.

Big Changes:
BallisticXLR – Added BDC generator for Mil-Scale reticles. Simply select your reticle, copy/paste it in to the Quick Dope Card tab to replace the one that’s there. Then scale it accordingly and set your transparency so the underlying cells values are visible. Updated the Quick Dope Card tab to include the latest trimmed version of a DOPE card that’s set up to print into a 3×5 inch form factor. It’s meant to be 2 sided so you get mil-scale & BDC data on one side and proper DOPE on the other. Updated all of the latest ELD-M bullet BC’s, fixed Extended Data 5mph wind data for station pressure, fixed some formatting and single cell formula errors, fixed some hidden reference formula copies, cleaned up pagination everywhere.

BallisticPRS – Added 3×5 printable DA cards for several DA zones at the request of Nico Detour with 5/10/15/20mph wind columns and no Coriolis or Spin columns. Oodles of little back end fixes. Will be adding ELD-M bullets on v1.13 in a day or so. Also added DA calculator.

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