Updated BDC Generator Live in Version 8.29 Quick DOPE Cards

I spent all night grinding over it and making sure it worked. It’s a big change from the first version under the covers but for you it just means it works and you don’t have to think about it. It’ll generate MOA or MRAD BDC’s for your reticle. All you have to do is grab an image of your reticle and scale it to fit in the box provided then set the transparency of your reticle image to your personal tastes and you’re done.

This should make your hunting and competition lives a lot easier. These new Quick DOPE Cards fully implement the TiborasaurusRex system and ignores spin drift, Coriolis effect and moving target leads since they’re the least useful.

These cards are pre-formatted to end up printing out as a pair of 3×5″ sized objects. You can get them printed on field proof Revlar by me for a small fee or print them yourself. Just print out on regular paper, trim and fold to yield a 2-sided 3×5 card with exact data and BDC data.


2 responses to “Updated BDC Generator Live in Version 8.29 Quick DOPE Cards”

  1. Chad Sethre says :

    How do you switch between MRAD and MOA?


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