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Re-Launching BallisticXLR, Introducing BallisticXLR v9.1 w/ Banded Ballistic Coefficients

Some bullet companies provide ballistic coefficient data in velocity regimes or bands. In our never ending efforts to bring the most accurate Pejsa/Mayewski G1 model external ballistics resource in the world to the masses, I’ve now added banded ballistic coefficients in Version 9.1 of BallisticXLR. The banded BC’s feature as I’ve implemented them are simple to use with or without banding data.

If you don’t have banded values from your bullet manufacturer then you simply use their advertised G1 value.  That value should be good to 300-400 yards. After that you should start recording your real drops so you can use those to reverse into the real numbers for longer ranges, thus building your own banding data. If they did provide banded values then you put in the BC and minimum velocity for that BC in each of 3 boxes on the inputs page and bango. You’re all good to go. The back end continuously applies BC value correction throughout the flight time. This feature helps get rid of hat mid-trajectory tendency to shoot high when using BC’s averaged for work at >600yrds and helps keep you from shooting low when using BC’s averaged for  work at <600yrds.

Currently Sierra is the only bullet manufacturer I’m familiar with that extensively use banded ballistic coefficients. Hornady recently came out with range and twist specific values but those are still averaged values meant for use within particular distance/velocity windows, not banded values.

If you don’t understand this stuff, and who really does but a few of us, be sure to purchase a support entitlement from our Downloads and Support page. Then you can make me to all that math for you!


A Benefactor Brings BallisticXLR Back From The Dead

BallisticXLR knows now how a zombie feels. I was totally expecting the death of BallisticXLR to go a particular way and ended up with a surprise ending. Just like a zombie. Spooky! I started BallisticXLR meaning it to be free forever. Just didn’t work out despite intentions. Then I tried monitizing it and that failed to get any traction.

Given that situation, I had already announced the shutdown date and aggressively started pulling things back. BallisticXLR was in theory definitely and completely closing down and most of it was, in fact, already pulled down. Well, after a while I guess someone with some money had just decided that they wanted to start using my stuff and unexpectedly found himself out of luck. Well, money solves every problem and he wasn’t going to be held back so easily. He found my email address and pinged me. I explained the situation and this person agreed that my sane options were limited. So, being the generous soul that they are and wanting longer term access to my spreadsheets and some personal support, that person paid for the hosting, bandwidth and some other costs that are necessary to maintain for another year. They didn’t buy a support contract, they simply paid some hard costs directly for me and I agreed to continue the project for at least another year in return.

My latest benefactor’s donation was enough to pay for my fixed costs but not sufficient to cover making the download free. It takes me huge amounts of time to keep it bug free and updated. That is time I can’t spend working my real job that pays my rent and it directly affects my paycheck. My day job is very demanding of my time lately and it’s either work on their stuff to make them happy and make me money or, work on mine which only pisses them off and doesn’t pay me anything. Their stuff pays to work on, mine doesn’t at the moment. Simple as that.

So there’s now a small cost to the download of BallisticXLR or BallisticPRS. $10 gets you a download of the latest version. As well, there are support entitlements now available for purchase and a price increase on all printed products has been applied. Hopefully that will provide enough revenue to make this viable. If not, I’m out a few grand more and there will be no bringing it back next time.

With your paid download comes all bug fix update downloads at no cost for 1 year. A paid download by itself does not come with technical support of any kind. If you want support you need to purchase a download + support entitlement. Support entitlements are not expensive & provide you with direct access to email based support at bronze and silver levels and with direct telephone access 24/7 at the gold level.

Those with paid entitlements will also be have access to unadvertised special promotions, freebies, discounts, and exclusive access to limited attendance events.

You should seriously consider purchasing a support entitlement. That said, if you don’t feel like you need a support entitlement but still want to financially support BallisticXLR you can hit our Patreon pagen ( and pledge as little as $1.

Click the Products menu at top to get to our downloads and support offerings.

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