I got 3rd place biatches! W00t! In a field of 30 shooters I came in with a solid 3rd place overall as well as for the prone class with the DodgerDog Hot Dog Gun in .243 Ackley Improved. Running 115gn DTAC projectiles with a super high .620 G1 BC at 3180FPS is almost cheating. The winner used a .308Win and 2nd place used a 6.5 Creedmoore but 3rd, 4th and 5th places in prone gun ran 6mm’s at 3,000fps or better with my Ackley being the fastest by at least 100fps.

Coach, JoeV and I started on stage 2 and after the first shot we were starting to get our wind call for the first part of the day nailed down. Coach goose-egged the first stage because of a turret being spun off zero. JoeV and I both crushed it missing 2 and 1 respectively which was pretty good given we were in the “guess the wind” part of the day instead of the bit that comes later… the “know the wind” bit.

Coach brought his wood stocked Savage 110 in 6XC running 115 DTAC’s at 2900. He’s getting consistently better and his scores are trending upward even though he and his rifle aren’t fully friends just yet. Coach’s rifle is shown below on the left. It’s got a Canjar single set trigger (amazing) and a US Optics 3.8-22×44 scope on a 35mm tube and looks pretty plain jane. It is not. Scoring a 21 at the end of the day is really good particularly as he’s still learning to dial DOPE instead of hold it. This is a different game than he’s got 40 years playing.

JoeV brought his 6.5CM chambered Weatherby Vanguard in a custom bedded tactical style stock wearing an SWFA 10×42 optic with Harris 6-9″ S-type bipod and AAC brake. The gun itself doesn’t stand out as anything other than how to spend money the most wisely if performance per dollar spent is the measure. Joe’s pretty humble about his rifle and I think he wishes it was flashier but it’s a friggen laser beam and he’s a ninja with it. One of these days I’m going to trade him guns for a match and see how we each do. Joe’s won the match before with my .243AI so I don’t doubt he could do it again. Damn! The Marines really train their riflemen don’t they!

So… Stage 3 we did well. Stage 4 we did exceedingly well. Stage 5 we did well. You see how this is going. It was a great day with great weather until the wind picked up in the back half of the day. We had a good time hanging out and shooting and when it was all said and done we’d done very well as a team.

Have some video fun! I guess we didn’t get stage 4. Sigh. We always miss one.



Announcing: Something New From BallisticXLR….

We’re launching something new and exceedingly powerful. A product the likes of which no long range precision rifleman has ever had at their disposal because we’ve never made something this badass before. This is a tool so otherworldly powerful that until now only governments and large multi-national corporations had the wherewithal to fund creating such a thing. Now, we’re about to release it to the masses. The most dangerous piece of work to be created since Wikileaks was launched. Do you like arguing on gun forums about minutae? Do you love researching your next cartridge recipe more than you like your kids? Are you a hard core dork like me and you just love numbers and math? Are you a data geek? Are you an accountant or statistician at heart and you just have to calculate a coefficient of variation because you’ve already calculated the standard deviation and you don’t want that data to go to waste? Man! Do I have something for you.

There’s so much in the new BallisticDLR spreadsheet that it would be impossible to list it all. In fact, I’m probably never going to list it all but we will have videos launching soon going in to excruciating detail on how to use and get the most out of this new and unique in the world tool.

This new version is meant to be used as not only a source of primary ballistics data but as an analytical tool for you to evaluate potential choices and analyze the effects they’ll have on your shooting before you spend the money on those choices. We spent literally years perfecting this latest addition to the BallisticXLR family of products, most of that work donated by a single person working in their own time. What has been created is the single most epic analytical engine for long range shooters ever created. If you like automation and whizbang cool features this is the version for you.

Don’t get it twisted though. This is not a replacement for BallisticXLR or BallisticPRS. It is its own thing:

  1. BallisticXLR is meant for use in the field and is properly meant for people with lightly to moderately varying conditions in which they shoot and where speed isn’t the singular overriding consideration but precision is. This version is specificially engineered to print out nicely on 8.5×11″ US Letter pages or A4 pages or half-sheets with a little bit of manual work.
  2. BallisticPRS is at home where speed is absolutely paramount and for those shooters who’s area of operations could literally be anywhere in any conditions. This version is specifically designed to be able to be used for US Letter or A4 size full sheet pages or 2.75″ x 4.75″ arm-board carrier cards or half-sheets with a very little bit of manual work.
  3. BallisticDLR is an all encompassing analytical engine and ballistics package in one. It’s most powerful features allow direct comparisons between multiple gun/load combinations and deeply enlightening statistical analysis of past performance and future results. While not optimized for single or multi-page printing with perfected pagination it will print on A4 size or US Letter though margins and other settings may need to be adjusted. BallisticDLR is the first and only BallisticXLR product that is meant specifically to be used primarily on a computer rather than to use to print something that doesn’t require any electricity. Owners of BallisticDLR should probably own a copy of BallisticXLR or BallisticPRS as well.

Ready for some pictures? I am. Play that sad sad song you like while you look upon the place where I grow my ballistics, lay thine eyes upon the glory of the numbers and know in your soul that you are in possession of the ultimate power: The power of knowledge.

Long Range Cartridge Direct Comparison
Multi-Session Muzzle Velocity Variation Analytics

Calc Form Pro – Ultimate AutomationDynamic Calc Form – Simplify Your Data Inputs

New Simpler Calc Form Layout
100yrd Secondary Functions

Classic Extended Data

100yrd Primary Functions – NOW With Humidity!

Updated 10 & 100 yrd/m Hasty Tables
Oodles of built-in MVV curves


Store and Compare Multiple Rifles/Loads


The launch is official as of April 28, 2019. We’re still setting up some last minute details like instructional videos and other media to make this easy on you and us. Pricing will be similar to existing products and support pricing are also similar.

In a continuation of our re-launch from the close call earlier this year, we’re launching our new logo. This new logo will begin adorning the website and all new versions of BallisticXLR, BallisticPRS, BallisticRexLR and our latest product being announced separately. Big thanks to my ever present partner in crime Wouter for crafting this killer logo.

Remember: Don’t run. You’ll only die tired.