After Action Report – April Long Range Precision Rifle Match

I got 3rd place biatches! W00t! In a field of 30 shooters I came in with a solid 3rd place overall as well as for the prone class with the DodgerDog Hot Dog Gun in .243 Ackley Improved. Running 115gn DTAC projectiles with a super high .620 G1 BC at 3180FPS is almost cheating. The winner used a .308Win and 2nd place used a 6.5 Creedmoore but 3rd, 4th and 5th places in prone gun ran 6mm’s at 3,000fps or better with my Ackley being the fastest by at least 100fps.

Coach, JoeV and I started on stage 2 and after the first shot we were starting to get our wind call for the first part of the day nailed down. Coach goose-egged the first stage because of a turret being spun off zero. JoeV and I both crushed it missing 2 and 1 respectively which was pretty good given we were in the “guess the wind” part of the day instead of the bit that comes later… the “know the wind” bit.

Coach brought his wood stocked Savage 110 in 6XC running 115 DTAC’s at 2900. He’s getting consistently better and his scores are trending upward even though he and his rifle aren’t fully friends just yet. Coach’s rifle is shown below on the left. It’s got a Canjar single set trigger (amazing) and a US Optics 3.8-22×44 scope on a 35mm tube and looks pretty plain jane. It is not. Scoring a 21 at the end of the day is really good particularly as he’s still learning to dial DOPE instead of hold it. This is a different game than he’s got 40 years playing.

JoeV brought his 6.5CM chambered Weatherby Vanguard in a custom bedded tactical style stock wearing an SWFA 10×42 optic with Harris 6-9″ S-type bipod and AAC brake. The gun itself doesn’t stand out as anything other than how to spend money the most wisely if performance per dollar spent is the measure. Joe’s pretty humble about his rifle and I think he wishes it was flashier but it’s a friggen laser beam and he’s a ninja with it. One of these days I’m going to trade him guns for a match and see how we each do. Joe’s won the match before with my .243AI so I don’t doubt he could do it again. Damn! The Marines really train their riflemen don’t they!

So… Stage 3 we did well. Stage 4 we did exceedingly well. Stage 5 we did well. You see how this is going. It was a great day with great weather until the wind picked up in the back half of the day. We had a good time hanging out and shooting and when it was all said and done we’d done very well as a team.

Have some video fun! I guess we didn’t get stage 4. Sigh. We always miss one.