Announcing LiTLR League! Competition Shooting Re-Invented.

For years I’ve shot PRS and LTR and F-Class and metallic silhouette competition; among others, and I’ve come away with the idea that you can never really have too many shooting sports. This is because you can never have too many guns. Maybe it’s vice versa. Who cares? I recently saw the thing pictured below and my weenie almost got hard.

I thought, “You know that .460 Rowland I made from a Swedish Mauser? Yeah, that’s perfect for this. I can get 250’s going 1600fps I bet.” I was also thinking about last night when Coach and I pulled out the 9mm CZ 75-B’s we were carrying and instead of shooting the target that was 25 yards away we walked away to closer to 75 yards before shooting because it would have been too close otherwise. Then I thought about using my .460Rowland Swedish Mauser to swat a plate at 800yrds. Then I thought about how Coach and I were lamenting the fact that under 600 yards is simply no fun anymore and under a kilometer is starting to get there but that ranges that long are shockingly few and far between in this country. I started to think about the chaps that only have ranges that go out to 100 or 200 or 300 yards or so and certainly there are a small percentage that get as far out as 500 yards. People just don’t have the room for real long range.

This series will be loaded down with NFA and non-NFA guns. There are plenty of guns we think of as rifles already made as pistols for purposes of legal compliance. Many will elect to make their own. Most will fret a little about NFA compliance. All I can say is, with everyone having one of these at a match, nobody’s going to be able to check them all. That said, you’ll want to comply with all applicable laws for your own sake.

Long range shooting is challenging partly because in order to get the bullet far away you’ve pissed away all that amazing velocity in exchange for the distance. So what we’re really making then are shots and waiting abnormally long for the target to let us know it’s been hit. Ok, so you want to wait to find out that you made the hit but you want to make the shot now and for it to be hard? Simple, bring the target in closer and chop your velocity in half. Same exact thing with 1/4 of the gunpowder being used.

So (drum roll): I’m happy to announce the newest creation from BallisticXLR: “LiTLR League“, the Lilliputian Tactical Long Range League.

The rules are not onerous, the targets are meant to be a bit whimsical, the ranges are insane and the equipment requirements help to make sure that this will never become a contest that races your wallet against someone else’s wallet. No wallet depth is going to make up for doing something that’s inherently darned near impossible.

We start with a “pistol” which was intended by its original designer to be a rifle. So, AR-15 pistols, Remington Chassis Pistols and the like are the stock in trade of this game. Take a Swedish Mauser and equip it with a stock that provides the functionality of an AR-15 pistol brace, cut the barrel down (get your NFA stamp in the process) and set it up for a pistol round.

The basic rules are:

  • 10.5″ maximum barrel length as measured from breech face to end of muzzle device.
  • .30cal minimum bore diameter.
  • .458 cal maximum bore diameter.
  • 1600fps maximum muzzle velocity.
  • 250gn maximum projectile weight.
  • Pistol brace must be affixed to the gun.
  • Folding pistol brace stocks are allowed. Brace may be folded or unfolded unless required to be unfolded for a stage.
  • Gun must have at least either functional safety or an external hammer.
  • Gun must be able to accept an attached bipod (some stages will require a bipod be used).
  • No bags/pillows/pads allowed.
  • Targets are 100-500m.
  • Brakes/Suppressors are allowed.
  • 30 seconds per shot.
  • 1 shot per target.
  • Firing at each stage to be done from each of:
    • prone, kneeling, sitting, standing.
  • 10 rounds per stage.
  • Targets are to be:
    • Life size and shape silhouettes of animals.
    • Zombie silhouettes.
    • Extinct product logos.
    • Punctuation marks.
    • Orange or white clay shotgun targets.
      • Targets are to be placed such that they provide a target width of at least 2 minutes of angle from the stage firing position.
  • Scoring is on targets successfully engaged divided by time taken in each of the following classes:
    • Semi-Auto Class
    • Bolt Action Class
    • Break Action Class
    • Other/Open Class
  • Overall match winner is the one with the most targets successfully engaged.
    • Tie results in sudden death shoot off with 15 second shot clock.
  • Maximum weapon weight: 7lbs
  • Stages timing is started when the shooter’s foot touches the ground outside of the 2’x2′ starting box.
  • Shooters are not permitted to use shooting jackets, shooting gloves, shooting shoes, slings, vision blocking devices, yellow/red/green/blue glasses lenses.
  • Shooters may not have any part of their gun mechanically fixed to any prosthetic limb.

This is the perfect game to take your .300BLK out for a day of fun. Have a Mauser rifle that you converted to fire a pistol cartridge? This is your jam. The goal is to have a weapon that operates very much like a rifle but which has been hobbled by a non-rifle-like chamber. We’re taking what is basically a handgun which most people think of as being useful from 1-5 meters and using it at 100x that distance. Shots will drop quickly through their supersonic velocity and transition into transonic flight and subsonic flight which makes the ballistics less predictable.

Lacking long sight radii and higher velocities associated with longer barrels, it will be on the shooter to be on their game for every shot. Even the littlest deviation in executing on the fundamentals will have a negative impact on your score. The distance and weapon configuration and performance limitations put the shooter into a challenging situation that will show who’s got the skills versus who’s just rocking the dollars.

This series will be a points series with a national winner and prizes (we’ll cover those details later on). Any clubs, individuals or product vendors wanting to get involved in this series or to operate a LiTLR match in your area should contact to get an application, a media kit, stage maps, official rules, swag and a points form. We’re also currently setting up a website to allow participants to track their status against the rest of the world.

Join the fun!