I Want To Compete But …

But what? But it’s expensive? But you don’t know how? But is an excuse and just as with bungholes, everyone’s got one and they all stink. You want to compete? Do you just want somewhere to shoot that’s not off a bench and competing is about the only way you can do that? It’s really an easy 10 point plan to success that you need. The only assumption it makes is that you MAY have budget concerns.

Here’s how:

If you want to be competitive at the local level then:
1. Start reloading or you’re wasting your money hand over fist.
2. Pick a 6.5mm-7.5mm rifle cartridge that puts heavy for caliber bullets out at 2600fps or better. That’s good to 1000+yrds.
3. Pick up a scope that tracks (see my posts in topics about glass for good ideas about which are up to it on a budget).
4. Find a .75MOA or better load.
5. Learn to shoot / get a mentor / get trained.
6. Get your ballistics really dialed in (ask me how).
7. Train when you practice. Don’t just rehearse. If you hit every time you’re rehearsing. Make it harder on yourself and you’ll get better.
8. Keep a log book of conditions and POI vs POA data. You’ll want to thank me later for you starting to do that.
9. Get off your belly and on your feet. When you can hit standing, you can hit from any position.
10. Have fun. It’s not worth it if it’s just work.

Now to your silly arguments.
1. I don’t know how.
Not knowing how is an excuse. It’s easier to learn than baking.
2. Why not 6mm or 5.56 or 8mm or …:
Because barrel life/cost/recoil are optimized in .264, .277, .284 and .308 bores.
3. Those are expensive.
No, they’re not. Check SWFA SS fixed 12x or 10x.
4. Don’t you mean .5MOA or better?
No. I mean .75 or better.
5. Who?
Well, I do do that sort of thing so you could ask me or Google is an option.
6. This is where the metal meets the meat. You will probably do this wrong.
Ask BallisticXLR for help.
7. Excuses are like… yeah.
I’ve never been called an excuse but I have been called an asshole.
8. I don’t have the patience or focus.
Then you don’t have the data next time you need it. No biggie.
9. It’s too hard/I’m not good enough/I’ll just miss.
Exercise your upper middle back muscles and this gets easy. Watch my videos on Silhouette shooting for stance and hold.
10. Don’t tell me what to do.
It was just a suggestion.
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