Watching a Melania Speech

Watching a hottie talk and having what comes out of their head be interesting, much less intelligent, is not a given. Nor is watching someone who’s catastrophically ugly. At least with the hottie you get 50% out of the deal no matter what. I think ol’ Donnie would be more like, “Well duh! You think I would marry her if she wasn’t an 11? Especially if she’s going to have a mind of her own. Sheesh. I’m eccentric and rich, not crazy and stupid.”

It’s a real shame that someone as poised and elegant as the First Lady, someone that really deserves that title, is not given the credit she’s due. Future generations will look back on this time and see that there was something very dirty going on in the MSM. Future generations will also not be reliant on the MSM but will not have access to the kind of high quality local/national/international news that we did only 30 years ago.

This is the effect of social media and video everywhere which are the expected emergent effects of linking physical location into a shared information space (the internet). Just as predicted by Douglas Adams almost 20 years ago. Once we’re able to move very tiny amounts of virtual cash around the internet we’ll see a gradual death of MSM as the formation of new systems of dissemination of news where popularity and buzz drive the breadth of coverage come to dominate. Like any ocean the digital one has streams and currents. If you toss your video into the ocean it might get noticed but if you put it into one that is used by a lot of people, it’ll get more noticed. We’ve already seen this with the effect of LiveLeak’s videos being posted to Twitter and Facebook. What used to be something that could take days to get to household level awareness can now take as little as a few minutes to a few hours.

There is no buffer in the news cycle now which is a shame. The buffer that used to be created by the conventional broadcast news cycle allowed time to verify facts, vet sources and protect the identities of the innocent (in theory). Now we don’t have any of those things and so any story that makes social media is instantly believed by those inclined to do so, given no second thought by those not inclined to ask questions and disbelieved by those inclined to disbelieve.

What this has all brought us is the elimination of authoritative information. This has brought back silliness like anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, 2012’ers, pastafarians, scientologists and democrats to a population level that 20 years ago we would have seen as a sign of the impending downfall of our civilization.

But I digress. Yeah, she is super hot and smart.

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