Now That BallisticXLR Is Free Again I Can Say Whatever I Want

Yep, it’s free again. Download links are on the home page now.

Those that ponied up the 10 bucks, thank you for your patronage!

It’s been a pay app for a year and it really was more of a hassle than it was worth. All tolled, I made $810 in gross revenues from unsupported downloads over 11 months. I have put well over 4000 hours in the spreadsheet since 2013 and a hundred or so in the setup of the commercial operation. That comes out to $.20/hour gross for the time I have in developing it. But wait! There’s more. I sold $400 worth of support entitlements. I’ve burned 60 hours of time providing technical support to those entitlement holders, debugging user errors and diagnosing sources of error. That’s a whopping $6.66/hr for support services. Support hours were directly subtracted from my normal work hours as they were done during the time I’d normally be working my day job but couldn’t. That means it actually cost me about $4000 to provide support for which I received $400. Not economically viable.

Hard expenses were $196 for domain/certificate/e-commerce site, $50 for logos and other artwork, $100 for audio files. 810 – 196 – 100 – 50 = $464 or about $.12/hr. Count in the $4000 loss of income to my day job and I actually paid about $.78/hr for the privilege of doing all that work. By any economic measure that’s totally not worth it.

I originally tried to take what is in fact a giant pain in the ass for the average guy and make it into something really easy. I forgot that people are not all equipped with things like computer literacy or math skills or common sense in the same proportions and so there’s no such thing as making it easy for the average guy because there’s no average guy. I did make it as easy as it’s going to be and as perfected as you’ll ever find.

I will continue provide support for those that bought support but I will not sell any more support entitlements. I will continue to post blog entries but I’ve put future development off to one side.



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