The M17 Pistols Carried by the Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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                Pistols for day use are high polished. Pistols for night and inclement weather are matte black.


The sight plate have the Greek figures (I think they mean the Greek gods of) Peace, Victory and Valor.


Wood for the grip panels came from the deck of the USS Olympia which was the ship that transported an unknown WWI soldier from France in 1937. It’s reportedly the oldest floating steel-hulled warship in the world. The extended magazine holds 21 rounds of 9mm NATO. And yes. The gun is loaded while on duty. They Honor Guard are not purely ceremonial and they really will shoot someone if they need to.


Each of the 4 total pistols has a name: Silence, Respect, Dignity, Perseverance. Silence and Respect are the high polish pistols. Dignity and Perseverance are for night and inclement weather duty.


21 plays a recurring theme. Honoring the 21-gun salute and the 21 steps it takes to walk past the tomb.









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