Christchurch Massacre – Video

You know plenty about the New Zealand shooting except you probably are looking for the video and can’t find it. Everyone wants to pull shit down so the people can’t see. That’s not how information works. You can’t stop the signal so, here you go!

This is extremely graphic. I don’t have this here to glorify anything. The guy is a madman and a murderer. Madmen are just like everyone else, they have a breaking point. Aussies and Kiwi’s have been mass importing foreigners whom they refuse to push assimilation with so you end up with a fractured society. Fractures in diverse societies lead to slaughter. Slaughter comes from madmen responding to societal fracture. That’s how history has always played out. Return to assimilation, reduce the rate of importation, quit pandering to medieval Arabian tribalism and you might see things peel back to a less militant level.

Doctor, heal thyself!

You’ll have to download it. Nobody will host it.


Crazy Cranial Cripple Choppers Christchurch Caliphate Crew


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