Socialism Breeds Corruption – China Edition

LOOK: Villagers line rural road with absurd number of street lights to rip off government

Like you expected any different. This is exactly what you should expect when government starts paying people who don’t work for the government. This is what’s happened to Federally supplied education dollars, medicare dollars, highway maintenance dollars, post office dollars and everything else that’s been trusted to the populace.

Now add socialism which breeds not only corruption; because it denies the basic human instinct to compete for resources and come off better than your neighbor. Socialism breeds corruption because the state becomes the ultimate paymaster and what we all know is, nobody’s more fun to rip off than the paymaster.

People are all crooks. It’s a question of how crooked they are. Crooks are all people and there’s never been any question how crooked they are. Since they come from the same pile and show the same behaviors, we should consider that they’re actually the same.

Never trust anyone farther than you can see them and nobody will ever rip you off.