Please Participate! Pick My Piece’s Putative Pony Paint Pattern.

No, this is not a joke. I want actual opinions. Note that your honest opinion might come back to bite you in the butt because I will 100% give you credit if you give me any really sparkly ideas. I’m actually going to do this to one of my actual match rifles.
Why? Well garish guns get in the heads of other competitors, I never mistake my rifle for anyone else’s and it keeps competitor mitts off my rifles… they don’t want to be associated with something so garish. The rifle I’m doing this to was already painted like a Texas coral snake in one iteration and a hot dog with mustard and relish in another iteration. I shit you not. Check it out.
Why might you think it might be a joke? Well I’m doing a My Little Pony rifle this time. I tried to do a Megaman rifle but it just didn’t work. 8 bit graphics kinda suck.
I could do the old woodland pattern:
Or use silhouettes for a DIY rattle-can camo job and go with a lavender background color and gold/pink/blue silhouettes crossed up in the usual camo way but also add a top coat of glitter and then clear coat over the top.
Or just go whole hog and do something similar to the Glambo rifle but with Pinky Pie or Rainbow Dash.
If I do Pinky Pie then that would be what… “Pinky Die” with a pink pony tail and pink wig on the scope?
Or do I do Rainbow Dash and call it “Painbow Dash” or maybe “Rainbow Path” or “Rainbow Trajectory”?
Vote your conscience and spread the word. The more votes we get the more inclined I am to comply with your more hideous suggestions.