Knife Making For Everyone

You can do it. What you need is a bench vise, some clamps, epoxy, wood, a sanding roll, a drill, boiled linseed oil, sandpaper, steel wool. Not necessarily in that order. I clamp my scales in place then use a sanding roll to shape them to match the tang of the blade. Then it’s down to shaping and polishing. There are some amazing blade makers here in the USA. I like Idaho Forge and Alabama Damascus. For grip material, really look into burls but avoid spalted wood. Burls are stupid strong. Spalts are stupid weak. See below for examples of some of the knives I’ve made. I don’t use rivets on my knives. The epoxy that fits the scales to the tang is stronger than the tang or the wood so you pretty much have to destroy the knife to make the handles come off.

Deer antler & blued Planer Blade, burled Amboyna & Idaho Forge damascus, Burled Mesquite and Alabama Damascus polished damascus.
Alabama Damascus damascus & burled Thuya
Idaho Forge damascus & burled Thuya
Top 2 are burled Thuya and Idaho Forge damascus, middle burled mesquite & polished damascus (see above), burled Thuya & Idaho Forge damascus, Burled Amboyna & Idaho Forge damascus
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