Happy 6.5 Day

June 5, 2019. What a glorious time to be alive and it reminds us that while 2019 isn’t necessarily the year of the 6.5mm bore size it certainly appears to be the year where 6.5mm market penetration reached its maximum. I say that because you see new 6.5mm cartridge designs coming out and some are causing hearts to go all a-flutter in certain areas of the marketplace but by in large, people just aren’t cooing quite so loudly at the introduction of each new 6.5. That says that while the market isn’t tired of the .264 it’s seemingly reached about as far in as it’s going to get.

So what really started in a big way 128 years ago (there may have been other 6.5’s earlier but nothing which was to have as much or as durable of a commercial or military success) with the introduction of the 6.5x55mm Swedish and which kind of languished on the verge of popularity in America for decades has officially crossed the rubicon of market acceptance and placed the USA, finally, on an even keel with the rest of the world. 6.5mm bores are as common as chicken feathers on our ranges and in our game fields.

If you have a few minutes you might just check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/6.5mm and see what people have known for 100 years which America has just recently woken up to.