New Chassis Stock For Howa 1500 Means New Rifle

I got one of these chassis when I was in South Africa so I had to run right out and buy a rifle for it. So I picked up a new Howa 1500 in .308win and have a barrel being cut for it now in 6XC. For the moment it’s wearing a Nikon P-223 optic but I also have an SWFA 16×42 and a Primary Arms 4-16x SFP that could work until I can save enough moolah to put down for another US Optics ERGO scope.

Adjustable LoP, butt pad height, cheek rest, pistol grip distance from trigger, aluminum construction.

Comes with a super cool bubble level that you can actually see without moving your head.

I already have a Deadpool rifle so this one will be painted in Deathlock paint scheme. Action/bolt, scope rings and bottom metal in orange. A few little nicknacks in silver and everything else in flat black.

Here it is mocked up with the pencil weight .308win barrel still on it and a Nikon P-223 optic in Warne rings (which I hate).


Project update:

I painted the stock with the Deathstroke colors. Yes the picture sucks. I’ll take a better one later.