Triggercam Goes To A Match

It doesn’t get much more telling than seeing it on video. This was taken through my US Optics 3.8-22x58mm with CaPRC reticle. Watch for some language. It’s a match and I don’t hear well so there’s entirely likely to be some I don’t know about.

TriggerCam came through with great results. I even played with the zoom on the scope and that turned out great. Battery life wasn’t bad. The match has 8 stages and I managed to get video of 5 stages from an 80% full battery before shutting it down at 17% and proceeding without it for the rest of the day. As it turns out, I did better with the TriggerCam on the gun than without it. Something about being recorded made me try harder I guess.

Durability is there. I am not gentle with my kit and the match is pretty fast moving. I handled my rifle case roughly, the day was pretty darned hot and I switched back and forth from free recoil to heavily loading the bipod. The unit never got in the way of fiddling with my scopes assorted knobs and turrets. Weight is around a pound but I didn’t measure it. It’s not ultra light. You can feel that there’s good quality glass and plenty of battery in there. if you’re interested in this cool new piece of kit.