New for ’21 BallisticXLR BigX Shooting Bag

The BigX Shooting Bag from BallisticXLR

There’s Game Changers and Shmediums and Fortune Cookies and Dog Boes and wedges and cylinders and all kinds of stuff and what they nearly all have in common is shockingly high weight numbers which PRS shooters have it stuck in their heads as being necessary. It’s not. You can have a shooting bag that’s versatile, big, grippy and lightweight and it doesn’t have to be a bounce monster.

To prove that, we’re launching our own line of shooting bag. These are 10x10x11 inches, shaped like an X and filled with the lightest bag fill available in the world. This quite large bag tips the scales at 1lbs 8oz. Yep, a mighty pound and a half or about exactly the same as a decent steak.

The fill is waterproof. It cannot absorb water so these bags dry super fast even after a full dunking and even if they do get wet, it’s only the cover that will absorb any water so they don’t get much heavier and they dry super quickly. The fill material is composed of 3-4mm polymer spheriods which are irregularly shaped providing fantastic lock-in. These spheriods (not quite a perfect ball, slightly squished and irregularly faceted) are naturally anti-fungal and non-dust generating. The fill is however static-y as hell even after we changed the formulation specifically to reduce the amount of static. It’s not super bad but if it touches hair it’s pretty uncooperative at going anywhere else. Hmm.. little tiny balls and strongly attracted to people’s hair. Wait a second… Did Joe Biden shape shift into a shooting bag? Nah. Couldn’t be.

The bag comes with a shoulder carry strap and a clip strap to use to strap the bag to your gun or to a barricade or whatever else you find it handy for. The valleys of each of the sides of the X are lined with super grippy TrumpHands material which can grab even the slipperiest of surfaces securely allowing you to get kissing close with the greatest of ease.

Did we mention this bad boy is big? It’s also small. And it’s in between. Depends on how you use it. You can get anywhere from 2″ of lift to 11″ of lift. Use it as a toe bag or a fore-end bag or a body pillow or actually rest your head on it. Is this a replacement for all your other bags? Not probably. It’s better at some things than the others, the others are better at other things. It’s another tool in your toolbox, not a be-all end-all solution because we know for a fact that other than nuclear weapons, there are no be-all end-all solutions.

Pricing is $100 shipped to the lower 48 and ordering can be done on our ordering page.