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  1. I’ve just downloaded v10.3 (tried v8.1 previously) and I have some notes:
    * In the “Pocket PC input” it asks for “Chambering”, but there’s no help. What is this? Is this something like “CIP”, “SAAMI” or “CUSTOM”?
    * In the “Statistics” sheet, heading for the sixth column it say “Firing Rnage”. Which I thought was a spelling error, until I saw the next column, that reads “Firing Angle”.. What is “Rnage”?!
    * In your range cards, there is only “MOA”, not “MIL” (or MILS, MRAD etc). There is calculation examples, but the whole point of a range card is (?) so that I don’t have to arithmetic, right?

    I also have a wish list:


    1. Fixed.
      Scratch out MOA and write MIL. This is sourced from FM23-10 and will not be fixed.

      Additional modifications are available for a nominal fee. Minimum charge is $200.


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