Since you’re curious, let’s tell you a bit about BallisticXLR the website as well as the software and the guy that made it all happen, his qualifications, expertise, goals and mindset. This won’t be short because it wasn’t a short sequence of events that got me to this point. Hang on!

I (Meccastreisand) started BallisticXLR a number of years ago not meaning to make a ballistics application for the masses. Quite the opposite in fact. I did the project originally so that I could learn enough ballistics math to code a software application I was working on to work with a gizmo I invented which was specifically for military applications (cost/benefit ratio would have been prohibitive for non-military uses). I chose to do it in a spreadsheet because the only data needed was input data and formulae. The spreadsheet had a design element baked in to the earliest versions: To be built to take each ballistic curve and integrate it with all of the others AFTER atomically calculating it. That was so that I could see each mathematical formula, figure out how it works and code for it in a proper programming language (C++ at the time, yuk). The rest of my professional background is largely as a professional computer geek though in my very early life I went through POST (Peace Officers Standards & Training) with the intent of becoming a cop. Computers pay better and nobody spits at you so I went the clean, well payed direction. After that, and for a longer time than I like to think about, I worked as an instructor/teacher for adults in a university setting and for children in acute/sub-acute residential mental health setting (crazy kids still have to go to school by law). I’m not the most exciting or dynamic teacher but I do have a solid history of getting the information across to my students so that they can perform both in the real world and on standardized tests to a high standard.

Prior to the police academy I’d been active in the shooting community, taking part in competitive shooting sports from IDPA to 15-25yrd Trap to Palma Rifle. After a decade long hiatus in my 20’s and 30’s from the competition life during which I started a family and career, I met up with my current metallic silhouette coach and picked up the rifle in competition again. He became my coach for positional shooting and I became his coach for prone shooting. We compete as a team regularly in PRS, F-class, long range prone tactical and metallic silhouette competition along with the odd 25yrd trap shoot club match and providing private firearms training. I have won multiple state championship class titles and regularly place in the top 30%. Beyond competition I take as many professional classes as I can and try to stay current on these topics, as current as my day job allows. I’m a shooter always.

Coding software requires that you break even slightly complicated procedures down into little tiny steps so simple that even a stupid computer can figure it out. The side effect is that once you, as a programmer, have done that work you find that you’ve learned an astonishing lot about the subject matter itself. The teacher usually learns more than the student. I was trying to teach C++ how to do ballistics my way. It taught me that I need to get out more because without even intending to I’d pre-architected the spreadsheet to emulate MVC (model-view-controller) software architecture. That was a brilliant idea in retrospect.

I selected the Pejsa-Mayewski ballistics model for my spreadsheet and found Sniper101 on YouTube about exactly at the same time. Sniper101 had a nifty tabular layout already done which I could plug my calculations into and display them in an easy to read format. I asked TiborasaurusRex if I could use his design and he said yes and did so without any precondition. At the same time Russ Ring and Jackson Rifles had implemented the Pejsa model in Excel already but the work was flawed due to a hidden bug. I fixed the bug, rejiggered how some things are done and then went nuts reworking the back end and expanding a great deal on the original work. Russ Ring actually saw it a few times and has commented quite positively about how far it had gone. Dr. Pejsa died long before I could show him what I’d done.

Once people saw the thing I had titled “BallisticXLR”, the first edition (which sucked to use in my opinion) went crazy and literally thousands of downloads happened overnight. Later on Rex formally adopted my spreadsheet and ballistics system and started using it with his videos. I had no idea how much money my work made him until we started the gun training school. Rex and I were pretty good friends by this time and spent good amounts of time on the phone and eventually I started appearing in his videos including his most watched video ever by orders of magnitude which received ~3million views (and he’s never paid me anything for my part in that).

Rex didn’t know the first thing about running a business especially a firearms training school and, according to Rex, he didn’t have “time off” to learn how to run a gun training school so he sent me to James Yeager’s Tactical Response along with Kacie Day, Lou McCoy and John Vauxhall to take a pistol class and firearms instructor training at Tactical Response. Kacie is a wonderful girl but she is not and should never be confused with a gun trainer. She’s a BEGINNER student and won’t be anything but a student for a decade. Lou is an amazing friend and a hell of a guy but he’s not even really a shooter beyond casual. John was there obviously as a favor to Rex and I can’t figure out why because he 100% did not belong there and didn’t seem to want to be there at all. Having those 3 children there only quadrupled the work I had to do since I had to get them up to speed enough to pass and do my job of passing. Anyway, we all completed the pistol class and after a week of instructor training we had graduated. James doesn’t graduate everyone in the class. You really have to earn it. I take pride in getting 3 newbies through their first gun class and a gun instructor class from someone as harsh as James Yeager. That was a challenge.

After Tactical Response, Rex had me write the curriculum and moment-to-moment schedule for his live fire classes after Paul McCoy had failed to deliver a usable data set. I wrote, edited, and taught that curriculum at the first 3 live fire events as well as serving as the ballistics instructor and subject matter expert for the first 3 seminars. My curriculum was not only successful but universally loved by the students for its rigor. When I train you, we’re not rehearsing. You’re learning something new. It’s going to be HARD. If it wasn’t you could teach yourself.

TiborasaurusRex (Matthew Tibor) and I parted ways in 2018 and after a brief bit of legal wrangling have come to an agreement. May Matt continue to enjoy success in his new life path. It’s gotta be better than driving a pickup around oil fields all day.

I now offer my own training classes to the public. This had previously been something you needed a personal introduction to me from a mutual friend to get. Topics I’ll cover are varied, can be custom crafted and do include some things that just aren’t offered anywhere else to civilians. I don’t consider information to be restrict-able and I don’t see any reason to not teach civilians these skills. I won’t teach bad guys to cross the street but I’ll teach good guys everything I know.

The videos I produce are meant to get you up to minimum competence and are not a substitute for proper live fire training with a qualified instructor. If you need instruction and are anywhere on the west coast of the United States, reach out. We train our students at a private range in central California. For multi-day classes plan on getting lodging in Lemore/Hanford/Coalinga/King City/Bakersfield or check out Harris Ranch Inn (aka… cowschwitz). Plan to visit Harris Ranch for an epic steak dinner. It’s only 30 minutes from the range. Bring $100 for dinner if you really want to make a memory. If you would like me to come to you, drop me a line to ballisticxlr@gmail.com and let’s talk turkey.

When Selecting a Gun School, if your firearms instructor doesn’t have a “home” range that they can use, they’re not running a gun training school. They’re running a traveling circus and you should be leery. If your firearms instructor doesn’t wear a gun, run away. If your firearms instructor tells you not to share some info, run away faster.

Watch me do some stuff and make up your own mind.