BoxToBench Precision Targets – International Orders Only

7 responses to “Products”

  1. Anthony Corum says :

    Will you be adding the new Hornady ELD-X’s and the ELD Match to the bullet tables?


    • ballisticxlr says :

      Yes I will. That will probably be in the next version for at least one weight/calibre. The projectile database source I use to build that feature is no longer maintained by the creator so things are a little more complicated and difficult in that respect than they used to be. I need to have enough reports from users of actual length and weights to eliminate statistical differences in measurement to fill out the “actual” column. I don’t use them myself or they’d already be in there. If you have data on weight and length please forward that to ballisticxlr at gmail dawt com and that will greatly accelerate the process.


  2. Dan Goddard says :

    I have the following measurements:

    200gr ELD-X, 1.5355″
    208gr ELD-X, 1.5375″ (Match)
    220gr ELD-X, 1.6215″

    I hope this helps



  3. Tim Briggs says :

    BALLISTIC_XLR – I believe there is an error on the Primary Function tab, G10 & I10.


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