See details below pics for individual product details. Data kits can be drawn from BallisticXLR or BallisticPRS.

Which kit is right for you?
BallisticXLR: For those using barometric pressure and temperature readings at their firing position and requires knowing what those will be ahead of time.

BallisticPRS: For those using Density Altitude and requires you to know your Density Altitude at your firing position.

What do they look like?

BallisticXLR B-FEDS
BallisticPRS B-FEDS
Pelican BADEDS (gadgets not included)

Any restrictions?
No orders will be accepted from any country where the USA is currently conducting overt military combat operations. APO/FPO delivery is OK though. Shipping outside the lower 48 states is at actual cost.

Lead Time: Time to ship can be as long as 3 weeks with most orders shipped within 10-15 days of initiating the process. It normally takes several days to chat back and forth and make sure we have the data exactly as you want it before printing. Once we have the information set the kits are typically shipped within 3-5 business days.

B-FEDS: BallisticXLR Field Expedient Data Sets
Ballistic_XLR Data Sets base kit $45 + shipping (10 pages)
Ballistic_PRS base kit $45 + shipping (10 pages).
Ballistic_PRS Additional DA Pages: $2.50 per page

B-FEDS are perfect for taking ballistics data into the field. Kits come with your ballistics data printed in full color on 7.7mil waterproof, blood proof, tear proof Revlar. No more tearing paper, bubbling laminations or suddenly illegible data.

BallisticXLR B-FEDS Include 10 pages:
1. 1 page 100M table
2. 5 pages 10M table set
3. 1 Quick DOPE card
4. 1 page of Extended Functions
5. 1 page Secondary Functions
6. 1 page Primary Functions

BallisticPRS B-FEDS Include:
Select any 10 DA specific pages from -4000ft to +11000ft Density Altitude in 500ft increments.

Upgrade your B-FEDS to the BaDEDS, the ultimate in field proof data storage. Containerize your data and electronics and protect them from the environment.

Upgrade any B-FEDS order for the cost noted.
$60: Targus Sleeve, Aluminum Clipboard/Document Holder
$120 Pelican 1095 Case

B-ADL (Ballistic_XLR and BallisticPRS DOPE Cards) $15
BallisticXLR Barometric Pressure specific 1 card included. Additional cards at $5:each
BallisticPRS 1 DA specific card included. Additional DA’s at $5:each
Marine grade adhesive backing available


Need a wrist card or stock label with ballistics data on it for a hunting trip, a match, a mission or just in case? Do you need an adhesive label for some bit of your kit and you’re sick of paper stickers tearing, bleeding, bubbling, running and shredding? Have you just about had it with laminating paper only to have it bubble and the data wash out from sun exposure? We will custom print you a stock sticker using adhesive backed or non-adhesive backed Revlar. The adhesive is semi-permanent and should be considered permanent. Both are water proof, blood proof, tear proof and field proof. You get 1 DOPE card of 3″x5″ size. The data set we put on the card is limited by the space available and has been carefully assembled to provide the most flexible DOPE card that we can. Never let a gadget failure stop you from delivering accurate fire quickly.

Think of these as an update on the old 3″x5″ card taped to your rifle stock. These can be peeled off in one piece (wood stock finishes may be affected) and are available adhesive backed. They’re heat resistant, water proof, blood proof, tear proof and scratch resistant (armoring service available at extra charge upon request). The color won’t fade after a few days in the sun, you can drop it in salt water and leave it there for weeks and it won’t fail or fade.

BallisticXLR versions are formatted in the same way as the 100yrd interval pages and include drop, wind, moving target lead, spin drift and horizontal and vertical Coriolis adjustments for one barometric pressure zone. BallisticPRS versions include moving target lead, drop and 5/10/15/20mph winds at 500ft DA increments.

You get 1 for $15 shipped and each additional is $5 when ordered at the same time. These are delivered by normal US Postal Service first class mail.

How to order

Send email to with your copy of Ballistic_XLR attached. I need your copy of Ballistic_XLR to get your data from. Make sure you have it filled out as completely as you want it to be, ask me any questions you have and I’ll ask you a few things about your specific situation and equipment. Once I have a copy of your spreadsheet in its final form I’ll give you the word to make your payment. You’ll then send Paypal payment to to complete the transaction. As soon as I receive payment I’ll get the kit printed out, assembled, QC’d and shipped.

Consulting Services

Do you need help tweaking Ballistic_XLR or Ballistic_PRS for a specific mission or sport? Need any other consultation related to Ballistic_XLR, Ballistic_PRS, handloading, fieldcraft, hunting or shooting? Drop me an email to Basic support is free. Advanced tinkering may have a cost associated. Advanced consultation services, custom features, etc… can be quoted out on an individual flat-rate basis. Minimum charge is $50 and the sky is the limit. We will agree on a price before work begins.

Rifle Skill-Builder Training
I currently provide customized and personalized training for rifle, pistol and shotgun marksmanship from general use to precision and competition preparation. I can come to you or you can come to me. I offer training for prone, standing (offhand and slung), kneeling and sitting positions for rifle and many pistol and shotgun styles. We’ll cover stance/position, weapon setup, recoil mitigation, sight picture, wind reading, elevation, spin drift, coriolis, interpolation, trigger control, follow through and ammunition selection. If you want to get tuned up for an adventure into a particular hunting or competitive sport I can get you there. Custom courses can be developed for your needs. The cost is entirely dependent on how many studends, where the training is to take place, topics to be covered and other logistical factors. I will supply additional instructors as necessary to maintain a maximum of a 2:1 student to instructor ratio. The base rate is $700 per person for a 2 day course at my location. All travel costs, lodging and meals are to be paid by the customer for any training that requires the instructors to travel. My assistant instructors are state and national champion level competitive shooters.

I am also instructing with Rex Defense / Rex Reviews. You need to take one of our seminars to gain entry to a live fire class for the moment. Later on we’ll begin adding more classes without a seminar requirement. Hit that RexReviews link to register. The cost is generally about $300:day with our seminar and live fire comprising a 5-day total (2-day classroom/seminar, 3 day live fire). You will never find training like we offer anywhere else. Nobody else has the guts to train civilians this intensely. We’ll take you from Zero to Deadly in a hurry if you’re ready to make that personal journey of accomplishment. It’s simple but it’s not easy.


7 responses to “Products”

  1. Anthony Corum says :

    Will you be adding the new Hornady ELD-X’s and the ELD Match to the bullet tables?


    • ballisticxlr says :

      Yes I will. That will probably be in the next version for at least one weight/calibre. The projectile database source I use to build that feature is no longer maintained by the creator so things are a little more complicated and difficult in that respect than they used to be. I need to have enough reports from users of actual length and weights to eliminate statistical differences in measurement to fill out the “actual” column. I don’t use them myself or they’d already be in there. If you have data on weight and length please forward that to ballisticxlr at gmail dawt com and that will greatly accelerate the process.


  2. Dan Goddard says :

    I have the following measurements:

    200gr ELD-X, 1.5355″
    208gr ELD-X, 1.5375″ (Match)
    220gr ELD-X, 1.6215″

    I hope this helps



  3. Tim Briggs says :

    BALLISTIC_XLR – I believe there is an error on the Primary Function tab, G10 & I10.


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