Durable Printed Ballistic Data Tables

Which kit is right for you?
BallisticXLR: For those needing maximum flexibility.

BallisticPRS: For those needing maximum speed.

Available in 8.5×11, A4, Half-Sheet & 2.75×4.75 Wrist Data Card formats.


BallisticXLR 8.5×11 B-FEDS
BallisticPRS 8.5×11 B-FEDS

BallisticXLR Half-Sheet BFEDS

BallisticPRS Wrist Cards BFEDS

Any restrictions?
No orders will be accepted from any country where the USA is currently conducting overt military combat operations. APO/FPO delivery is OK.

Lead Time: Time to ship can be as long as 3 weeks with most orders shipped within 10-15 days of initiating the process. It normally takes several days to chat back and forth and make sure we have the data exactly as you want it before printing. Once we have the information set the kits are typically shipped within 3-5 business days.

How Ordering Works: You click the Buy It Now button below and within 1 business day I’ll get back to you via email. These kits are entirely custom made so, I need your ballistics data and some information about your equipment and environment to produce your kit. Once I have your data I’ll get your tables into a proposed final form and then I’ll send you a copy of BallisticXLR or BallisticPRS (soft copy) as an email attachment for you to double check that it’s what you’re looking for. As soon as I receive word back from you that you’re happy with the data set I’ll get the kit printed out, assembled, QC’d and shipped via US Mail. International orders will have an extra shipping cost applied to their order.

B-FEDS: BallisticXLR Field Expedient Data Sets

B-FEDS are perfect for taking ballistics data into the field. Kits come with your ballistics data printed in full color on waterproof, blood proof, tear proof, scratch restistant 7.7mil Revlar. No more tearing paper, bubbled lamination and suddenly illegible data. Comes with a soft copy of your spreadsheet custom tuned for your rifle and ammo.

BallisticXLR B-FEDS Includes:
1. 1x page 100M table (1700yrd/m max)
2. Up to 5x pages 10M table set (2490yrd/m max)
3. 1x ~3×5″ Quick DOPE card (1100yrd/m max)
4. 1x page Secondary Functions (2490yrd/m max)
5. 1x Calc Form
$75 + $5 shippingHalf-Sheet and Quarter Sheet versions also available.
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BallisticPRS B-FEDS 8.5×11″ Includes:
1. 10x 8.5×11″ DA-Specific 10yrd/m tables, 2490yrd/m max.
Your choice of DA’s in 500ft increments from -4,000ft to +11,000ft
2. 1x PA/DA/Temp Reference Card
NOTE: You may substitute one or more 2490yrd/m pages for
4x DA-Specific ~3×5 Wrist DOPE Cards (1000yrd/m max, 500ft DA increment)
$82.50 + $5 shipping
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Need a wrist card or stock label with ballistics data on it for a hunting trip, a match, a mission or just in case? Sick of paper & stickers tearing, bleeding, bubbling, running and shredding? Have you just about had it with laminating paper only to have it bubble or the data wash out from sun exposure? We will custom print you a DOPE card that won’t fade, tear, bubble or delaminate.  You get 1 DOPE card of roughly 3″x5″ size. The data set we put on the card is limited by the space available and has been carefully assembled to provide the most flexible DOPE card that we can along with a custom made BDC using your reticle. Never let a gadget failure stop you from delivering accurate fire quickly.

Think of these as an update on the old 3″x5″ card. They’re heat resistant, water proof, blood proof, tear proof and scratch resistant (armoring service available at extra charge upon request). The color won’t fade after a few days in the sun. You can drop it in salt water and leave it there for weeks and it won’t fail or fade.

BallisticXLR versions are formatted in similarly to our 100yrd interval pages and include drops and windage for one barometric pressure zone.

You get 1 card for $35 shipped. Each additional card for the same load specification is $15 when ordered in time to send in a single shipment. These are normally delivered by US Postal Service but UPS or FedEx can be opted for for an additional $10 for lower 48. Alaska/Hawaii and foreign orders ship at actual S&H cost.