BallisticXLR Support

Support Packages:

Please see support package information below. After 2/2018 all support requests require a support entitlement*.

*Graduates of Rex Defense training courses prior to the end of April 2018, show your certificate of graduation with your support request.

Support for BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS includes:
BallisticXLR/BallisticPRS errors/bugs (excludes support for Microsoft Excel itself).
Ballistics troubleshooting.
Inputs setup.
MVV Setup.
Scope click value calibration.
Reticle subtend map additions.
Calculated vs. actual POI differences.
Atmospheric settings.
Limited customization and any other matters at my sole discretion.

Bronze Support: 5 support requests per 12 months, w/ 72hrs response $50/yr:
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Silver Support: 10 support requests per 12 months email support w/ 24hr response $100/yr.
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Gold Support: 2x telephone support requests per 12 months (up to 24hrs response time), unlimited email support w/24hr response $200/yr.
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Unsupported: If you make substantial modifications to how Ballistic_XLR works I can’t officially support it. I’ll try though. In all reality I’m liable to go the extra mile for you regardless. Just try to make it as easy on me as you can.

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