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Download Only – No Support BallisticXLR+Support BallisticPRS+Support
BallisticRexLR v1.01 W/O Support: FREE
BallisticRexLRBallisticXLR v9.1 W/O Support: $10.00
Buy It NowBallisticPRS v1.31 W/O Support: $10.00
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BallisticXLR v9.1 & Bronze Support $50:
Buy It NowBallisticXLR v9.1 & Silver Support $100:
Buy It NowBallisticXLR v9.1 & Gold Support $200
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BallisticPRS v1.31 & Bronze Support: $50
Buy It NowBallisticPRS v1.31 & Silver Support: $100
Buy It NowBallisticPRS v1.31 & Gold Support: $200
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All versions are meant to be used to print out hard copies.

BallisticRexLR –¬† Absolute Atmospheric Density (Pressure Altitude), Requires Barometric Pressure & Temp readings at area of operations. For users of TiborasaurusRex‘s system who are just starting out in Long Range Precision Rifle shooting. Limited to 800yrd/m, 1x Temperature Band, 1x Muzzle Velocity. Super Trim, Super Fast. Primary & Secondary Functions and Calc Form included, no other features implemented. This does Drops, 5/10/20mph Wind Drift, Movers, Spin Drift and Coriolis Drift. If you’re still learning and don’t need the extra complicated version or you know exactly what you’re doing and just don’t need more than 800yrd/m of range then this is for you. If you would like a support contract, purchase the BallisticXLR support entitlement of your choice.

BallisticXLR – The World’s Most Flexible, Feature Rich And Precise Ballistics Calculator. Absolute Atmospheric Density (Pressure Altitude), Requires Barometric Pressure & Temp readings at area of operations. Best for those that shoot in varied weather but usually in the same general location. FULL FEATURED. 100-2490m range, barrel life calculator, statistics engine, 10m table, 100m table, primary/secondary functions, calc form, quick dope card w/ Reticle BDC, reloading cost calculator, +/- 3,000ft elevation adjustment & oodles of other cool features. Set up in 9 temperature bands w/10mph wind drifts in 3 temperature bands. For making the most precise shot possible including use of a calc form. Where maximum accuracy matters more than speed. Want to carry 1 DOPE card and only ever 1, this is the ticket.

BallisticPRS – The Ultimate Ballistics Solution. Density Altitude, Requires Pressure Altitude & Temperature readings for area of operations. Best for PRS shooters, competition shooters under time pressure and those whose area of operations changes frequently. FULL FEATURED. 5/10/15/20mph winds and drops at 500ft Density Altitude increments from 100-2490yrds/m. For making the most precise shot possible where time is a factor and winds are unpredictable. Where speed matters more than molecule-level accuracy. 3×5 cards included for the benefit of PRS shooters, snipers and hunters. Don’t mind carrying a bunch of DOPE cards but you can’t deal with 1 second of extra time before you flip the loud switch, this is the one for you.

As of February, 2018 all support requests require a support entitlement.*Graduates of Rex Defense training courses prior to the end of April 2018, show your certificate of graduation with your support request.

Support Levels:

Bronze Support: 5 support requests per 12 months email support, 72hrs response
Silver Support: 10 support requests per 12 months email support, 48hr response
Gold Support: 2x telephone requests per 12 months, unlimited email requests, 24hr response

Support for BallisticXLR and BallisticPRS includes:
BallisticXLR/BallisticPRS Download.
BallisticXLR/BallisticPRS errors/bugs (excludes support for Microsoft Excel itself).
Ballistics troubleshooting.
Inputs setup assistance.
MVV Setup assistance.
Scope click value calibration assistance.
Reticle subtend map additions.
Calculated vs. actual POI differences.
Atmospheric settings.
Page breaks.
Limited customization and any other matters at my sole discretion.

Unsupported: If you make substantial modifications to how Ballistic_XLR works I can’t officially support it. I’ll try though. In all reality I’m liable to go the extra mile for you regardless. Just try to make it as easy on me as you can.

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