Get Certified

We’ve decided to launch a proper extreme range skills certification program. This is an exceedingly difficult test.

The Ballistic_XLR ELR Certification test is: 1 target, 1 shot, unknown range, 1 minutes.

The Elite levels start at 1000 yards and continue from there. The Champion levels start at 800 yards and ends at 999 yards. Once you’ve passed at any one level you cannot take a lower level test for credit.


To obtain a Ballistic_XLR ELR Certification the shooter must record the whole test on video (from setup to target verification), post the video as private on YouTube and provide a URL to along with a mailing address, weapon and ammunition description, muzzle velocity, the barometric pressure the test was taken under, and the firing solution used to receive your certificate. We will review the video and the data provided and award certifications accordingly.

A spotter/witness is required and shall be the designated time keeper and videographer.

Maximum time allowed is 3 minutes/180 seconds. Inside this time you need to get behind the rifle, determine range to target via a ranging reticle (Mil-Dot, MSR, Horus-58, etc…), calculate a firing solution, adjust your sights and fire your shot. You pass if you hit within the acceptable target area (Vital Zone).

The target shall be a steel plate of rectangular or “iron maiden” shape with a main body measuring 12″w x 18″h. Targets of larger size are acceptable if the target Vital Zone is marked off with masking tape that contrasts with the target. The target face shall be fully painted in a high visibility color such as blaze orange, white, yellow or red. A hit must chip the paint on the surface of the target to count (so grazing hits on the side can count if the paint on the target face chips due to the bullet impact). Spall damage to the paint surface from surrounding dirt/rocks/debris does not count. It’s got to be a real bullet strike.

Once the target has been placed and the range opened for firing the shooter may approach the forward firing position but may not touch the rifle or assume the prone position until the start command is given by the spotter/witness.

At “start” the rifle shall have the buttstock and bipod on the ground with scope set to normal zero (usually 100 yards/meters) and at the lowest magnification setting, parallax shall be set at infinity, bipod shall be extended to minimum height. The shot must be taken with the abdomen, legs and feet of the shooter touching the ground. If you’re using a shooting mat and/or sandbags you can place them at the FFP ahead of time but you may not set the sandbag under the rifle stock or shoulder the rifle in any way or lay behind the rifle until “start” is called.

The bullet must strike inside the 12×18″ target and chip the paint INSIDE the 12×18″ border.

You may not use 3 leg shooting rests, shooting tables, or mechanical rests, fixtures or retention systems to support the rifle. The buttstock may be supported with a single sandbag.

Ballistics calculation applications/tools should be used but don’t have to be.

You are not allowed any test/sighter shots against the test target.

You may not take any warm-up or sighter shots at other targets before the test.

The first shot of record shall be from a cold bore with at least 3 hours since the last shot.

You may not shoot the test more than once per day unless:
The new test is shot against a new target placed AT LEAST 30 yards further from the Forward Firing Position. (Example: The first target was at 845 yards, you can shoot a new test at 875 yards).
Wait 3 hrs/ 180 minutes to shoot the test a 2nd time.

Shoot the same target at the same distance with a different rifle (you can take the test again immediately for each additional rifle you test with). This eliminates the 3 hour wait requirement.

Ranging must be performed with: riflescope or spotting scope ranging reticle. Ranging may not be performed with: Laser rangefinders, theodolites, GPS, Maps or other devices of similar nature that will provide an absolutely correct number without shooter estimation.

This test was designed to be exceptionally difficult. The rules are not very detailed by design. You understand the spirit of this test is to judge your own abilities and you won’t get any benefit from lying to yourself by cheating. This is about taking pride in personal skill. Cheaters will be cheaters and we have no way of stopping that except to call out the obvious ones.

High angle shots are allowed as long as the shooter lays down behind the rifle. All shots must be taken from the prone with the abdomen, legs and feet of the shooter touching the ground.

If the first shot misses, the shooter does not pass the test.

Elite Levels:
First round hit @1000 yards or more under 1 minute = Ballistic_XLR Platinum Marksman
First round hit @1000 yards or more under 2 minutes = Ballistic_XLR Gold Marksman
First round hit @1000 yards or more under 3 minutes = Ballistic_XLR Silver Marksman

Champion Levels:
First round hit @800 – 999 yards under 1 minute = Ballistic_XLR Tungsten Marksman
First round hit @800 – 999 yards under 2 minutes = Ballistic_XLR Steel Marksman
First round hit @800 – 999 yards under 3 minutes = Ballistic_XLR Bronze Marksman


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